7 reasons to study at Ajman University!

Monday, Jun 27, 2022 Basma Abu Baker
7 reasons to study at Ajman University!

Find out why Ajman University is a great choice if you are thinking about where to go to college.

Ajman University (AU) is one of the top universities in the UAE. Established in 1988 as the first private university in the GCC, AU was also the first university in the UAE to admit expatriate students and is internationally renowned for high-quality teaching. It continues to be a pioneer for inclusion, innovation, and social impact. AU has a diverse student body representing more than 70 nationalities and faculty members from over 35 countries. Here are just 7 reasons to apply to Ajman University!

1. Rankings and Reputation

Ajman University has an impressive international reputation and ranks among the best in the world. AU is globally accredited at the institution level by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) of the United Kingdom. In 2020, Ajman University became one of the first six higher education institutions in the world and one of the first two in the UAE to earn global accreditation from the (QAA) in the UK. In addition, many of AU’s programs are accredited by international accreditation bodies, and all programs are accredited by the UAE’s Ministry of Education.

2. High-quality education

Ajman University (AU) is a multicultural academic institution that offers a broad range of high-quality and relevant academic programs. It provides a high-quality education that will develop the skills and knowledge of students in areas that will enable them to perform efficiently and effectively in their careers. Accordingly, both the structure of the course and the curricula are designed to achieve these ends.

3. Enriching Student Life

The groups of students at Ajman University are extremely diverse. They have distinct backgrounds and they come from different countries across the globe. This helps you to collaborate with students who have grown and lived in different places, which adds to your holistic growth.
Moreover, the life of students on campus is really exciting. With over 90 Clubs to join that aim to refine students' talents, develop their skills and achieve effective communication with each other, by organizing many cultural, social, and recreational activities. They provide students with the opportunity to develop their leadership personality, acquire time management skills, take responsibilities, and work in team spirit.  

4. Student Hub Building

The Student Hub at Ajman University features many different services, including libraries, a food court, and a medical center. The office for Ajman University’s higher management, including the Chancellor, are also located in the building. The Hub provides an enhanced vibrant, interactive, social environment for the students. It also combines student support services and flexible social learning areas that maximize the latest technology.

5. A wide range of mul­tidiscip­lin­ary de­gree pro­grammes

Ajman University offers undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate degrees with teaching in English and Arabic. The multidisciplinary approach enables you to tailor your degree based on your interests and strengths. You are also welcome to study as an exchange or visiting student. Currently, AU offers 35 programs – 22 are undergraduate and 13 are graduate programs, all of which are accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education.

6. Opportunities to travel abroad

AU has partnerships with a wide variety of leading institutions that offer student exchange programs, within the UAE and beyond. Exchange programs are mutual agreements between Ajman University (AU) and a partner university abroad to exchange students for a period of time while also crediting the hours. Ajman University’s exchange program allows eligible AU students to study abroad for a semester or two at one of AU’s partner universities.

7. Athlete Empowerment

The Unit of Athletics at the Office of Student Life organizes a variety of sports activities, events, and programs throughout the year, and develops the students’ sports skills through individual and group games under the supervision of specialized trainers. Students are also encouraged to join the sports complex, which is equipped with state-of-the-art machines and tools. In addition to outdoor playgrounds, the sports complex features multi-purpose indoor lounges, a swimming pool, and a fitness gym. The Unit of Athletics is interested in spreading health awareness among students and maintaining their fitness and seeks to create a stimulating environment that enhances their education and meets their sporting ambitions.

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