Why You Should Consider a Business Degree from Ajman University's College of Business Administration

Thursday, Jul 07, 2022 Basma Abu Baker
Why You Should Consider a Business Degree from Ajman University's  College of Business Administration

Ajman University (AU) College of Business Administration (CBA) is one of the most credible business colleges in the region that is committed to the development and enhancement of knowledge and business skills of its students. CBA enables students to get a solid grasp of the modern business world and to become effective leaders at the regional as well as global levels. AU CBA offers undergraduate and graduate business programs designed for people who want a practical and relevant education.

College of Business Administration at Ajman University has received the prestigious AACSB International accreditation, which is granted to less than 6% of business schools around the globe. Achieving this accreditation demonstrates AU's commitment to providing students with transformational educational experiences and making its business graduates even more marketable.

Ready to select the program that's right for you? The School of Business Administration at Ajman University (AU) offers different programs:

Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration

The Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) program at Ajman University is a 126-credit-hour, four-year program. The program is designed to help you develop the ability to identify, analyze, and solve complex business problems across a range of business functions.

 The Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) is split into the following majors:

  1. Management

The Department of Management at AU offers a comprehensive and dynamic program leading to the Bachelor of Science in Management. The program focuses on building and enhancing students’ essential skills, critical thinking, and understanding of strategic models that are used in the modern business world, to facilitate their entry into the global business arena as exceptional and professional managers and entrepreneurs.


  1. Accounting

Accounting is the study of the concepts and techniques used in reporting on matters related to an entity’s financial status and performance. The program is designed to provide comprehensive accounting education for students to equip them with technical and analytical skills that help in communication and analysis of financial reports that are required for business decision-making. 


  1. Finance

The BSc in Finance degree program is designed to develop students’ technical and critical thinking and to provide them with an in-depth understanding of financial theory, analytical financial instruments, and dynamics of financial markets. This major covers all aspects of Corporate Finance, Investment, and Portfolio Management, with electives in Money and Banking Commercial Banking, and International Finance to name a few.

  1. Marketing

The BSc Marketing degree program offered at AU provides students with a wide range of knowledge in the various functional areas of business, as well as prepares them with comprehensive knowledge of successful management of the marketing mix. It also equips students with the academic credentials required to pursue higher education in national and international universities.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Programs

 Ajman University’s MBA program seeks to improve the skills, competencies, and employability of a diverse mix of individuals for positions in leadership and management, and to satisfy the quality assurance standards set by world-class business programs accreditation organizations such as AACSB and the Association of MBAs. The program offers a weekend-only schedule to make your academic experience convenient and accessible, as well as generous scholarship programs that drastically ease your financial burden. Furthermore, we offer rich foundations in Business Management (7 courses) and three dynamic tracks in Financial Management, Human Resource Management, and Marketing. Each track (4 courses) offers a unique path tailored for students with specific backgrounds and career goals.

As a graduate of the Ajman University MBA program, you will graduate with not only a degree and knowledge but with a vivid network of new friends and potential business partners from all walks of life.

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Programs

 Ajman University (AU)'s DBA program was the first to be approved by the Ministry of Education in the northern region of the UAE. Our DBA program was launched to equip our graduates with the expertise and confidence necessary to become future leaders in very changeable and challenging business fields not only locally but also globally.

The program has 60 credit hours that are allocated in two phases: phase one, Taught Courses, compromises 36 credit hours for 12 courses that are deliverable in four semesters, each semester has 3 courses (3 credit hours each); phase two, Dissertation, accounts for 24 credit-hours. In addition, our program is guided by three main principles: practical, innovative, and impactful. These three main principles are in line with AU’s vision of being one of the leading universities in the Arab world for its cutting-edge learning environment, impactful research, responsible outreach, and community engagement including the latest innovations, dynamic methodologies, and comprehensive digital resources, to help candidates become creative, pioneering leaders of the future.

With a business degree from Ajman University (AU), you’ll have more than a job—you’ll have a purpose, too.