Chul oh Chung
  • Chul oh Chung

  • Associate Professor, Innovation Center Director
  • Ext: 6015

Dr. Chuloh Jung is an innovative professor of architecture with extensive experience in awards-winning projects at Rafael Vinoly Archietcts in New York and gansam Archietcts & Partners in Seoul. He won three major government-funded R/D projects in SOuth Korea since 2000. He holds a B.Arch and his Ph.D. from Yeonsei University in Seoul, South Korea and received two master degrees, M. Arch and M.Des.S, from the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University. He joined Ajman University in 2013. As his Ph.D. degree was about applying Ubiquitous Computing in Architecture, he became one of the national board members of Smart City and head of several government-funded interdisciplinary R/D teams in South Korea. In AU, he is the director of Innovation Center and also actively engaged in research activites to publish average 7 Scopus Q1 (90% and above) papers per year.

  • Bachelor of Architecture, Yonsei University, Korea, 1994
  • Master in Design Studies, Graduate School of Design at Harvard University, USA, 1997
  • Master of Architecture, Graduate School of Design at Harvard University, USA, 2001
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Yonsei University, Korea, 2007
  • Project Architect, PFD, in Boston Redevelopment Authority, USA, 1996.11-1999.03
  • Project Manager, Design Dept., Rafael Viñoly Architects, P.C, USA, 1999.04 -2001.07
  • Fulltime Lecturer, Dept. of Architecture, Sunmoon University, Korea, 2001.08-2004.02
  • Assistant Professor, Dept. of Architecture, Kookmin University, 2004.03-2007.08
  • Design Principal, G.Lab*, Gansam Architects & Partners, 2007.09- 2010.03
  • General Manager, Abu Dhabi Branch, Gansam Architects & Partners, 2010.04- 2011.08
  • Associate Professor, Dept. of Architecture, American University in Dubai, 2011.09- 2013.02
  • Associate Professor, Dept. of Architecture, Ajman University, 2013.03- Current
  • Program Manager, AUST Science Park, Ajman University, 2015.03- 2016.08
  • Director, Ajman University Innovation Center, Ajman University, 2017.06 - Current
Teaching Area
  • Architectural Design
  • Architectural Planning
  • Contemporary Archietctural Theory
  • Urban Design
  • Urban Planning
  • Architectural Design
  • Architectural Planning
  • Urban Design & Planning
  • Smart Home & Smart City
  • Indoor Air Quality
Conference Presentation
  • "Composite Drawing Presentation" at SADI (Samsung Design Institute), 2004.04
  • "Convention Center Design & Rapid Prototyping" at Kwangjoo University, 2004.05
  • "D.A.A.C. & Design Add-On Values" at Hongik University, 2005.09
  • "Design of Architecture-Aided Computation" at Beijing University of Technology, 2006.08
  • "Portfolio AlterEgo" at GANSAM Partners, Co. Ltd., 2006.10
  • "How to Approach Portfolio Design" at Kaywon College of Design, 2007.03
  • "Portfolio AlterEgo" at Hanse University, 2007.05
  • "Digital Fabrication in Architecture" at 2008 BIM Conference in Korea, 2008.04
  • "G.Lab Recent Projects" for RIBA Exhibition, 2012.11
  • "Innovative Thinking" at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center, 2013.10
  • Leading with Agility (Topics: Change and innovation, agile thinking, artificial intelligence, technological advancement, boundariless economy) at International Leadership Symposium in American University of Sharjah, 2020.10,
Memberships, Awards and Honors
  • Member, Korean Institute of Architects, 2002.09-Current
  • Editorial Member, "Concept" & "CA: Contemporary Architecture" Magazines, 2001.09-Current
  • Member, American Institute of Architects, 2011.09-Current
  • Member, Architectural Institute of Korea, 2001.09-Current
  • Member, CAD/CAM Institute of Korea, 2002.09 -Current
  • Member, Museum Architecture Institute of Korea, 2003.09-Current
  • Member, Korea Institute of Interior Design, 2004.09-Current
  • Full Scholarship [The Highest Entrance Exam Score: 300/340] From Yonsei University, 1987.03
  • The First Prize for Graduation Exhibition [L.A. Cultural Center], 1994.02
  • An Appreciation Plaque from U.S. Vice President, Al Gore, 1997.10
  • Harvard University Scholarship [$10,000] from Harvard University, 1998.05
  • HYUNDAI Scholarship [$50,000] from Hyundai Construction Co. Ltd, 1999.03
  • Gansam Architects & Partners Design Innovation Award, 2008.04
  • Provost’s Award for Creativity in Design from American University in Dubai, 2012.05
  • Interview & on air for MBC Documentary, “Towards a New Middle-East Era”, 2012.09
  • Selected for “10 Most Influential Artists in Middle-East: by Uni Magazine, 2012.12
  • Intelligent "Smart Home" Apartment R/D Project, (Total R&D Fund, US $50,000 / 1 Year), 2004.06-2005.05
  • 10 Next Generation Growth Projects by Ministry of Commerce, Industry, & Energy, (Total R&D Fund, US $6,700,000 / 5 Years), 2004.10-2009.09
  • GANSAM Partners Blog Marketing, [Reconfigured Projection] Project (Total R&D Fund, US $20,000 / 1 Year), 2006.03-2007.02
  • The 2nd "BrainKorea21" project by Ministry of Education and Technology Total R&D Fund, US $2,100,000 / 7 Years), 2006.03-2012.02