AU Architecture Student Shares Why Studying at Ajman University is an Amazing Experience

Monday, Mar 14, 2022
AU Architecture Student Shares Why Studying at Ajman University is an Amazing Experience

Hello, my name is Nada Zuhair Abdulameer, and I am a senior student doing my architectural engineering major, in the College of Architecture, Art, and Design (CAAD) at Ajman University.

I always had an eye for the aesthetic and was fascinated by architecture as it offers the perfect blend of art and science to aid the creation of amazing structures and buildings. Architecture allows one to be creative and technical at the same time, by combining art concepts with engineering techniques.

Naturally I gravitated towards a course in Architecture and I couldn’t be happier for my choice.

My tryst with Ajman University started quite early, even before I started considering various universities for my future education. My sister, an AU alumnus was my earliest link to AU; I was inspired by her amazing transformation into a well-rounded, learned young woman and an accomplished Interior Designer during her years at Ajman University. Obviously, I followed in her footsteps and there’s not a single day when I am not proud of my choice.

My journey at AU so far has been highly fulfilling and rewarding. I have represented the College at various competitions, including the P&T Student Competition. Working in our design studio for the competition, in parallel to our architectural design course meant a grueling schedule. But there was not a single dull or boring moment. The amazing learning outcomes and sheer joy of having made an impact at an important event made every single moment of endeavor worthwhile. I was awarded as an honourable mention few months later.

 The extra-curricular activities at AU have been great; I got to participate in conferences, events, art exhibitions which have all contributed to a better appreciation of not only my own course, but life in general. Spending time in AU’s beautiful and sustainable campus, its green open spaces, cafes and library along with my friends has made student life even more enjoyable.

 This academic year I’ve been working as a student teaching assistant within the University, helping instructors with grading and other administrative tasks. I see it as a pathway to a career in teaching Architectural Design to students in the future.

 To those aspiring to be future AU students at CAAD, I would say, buckle up! The journey in our College is full of hard work, competition, excitement, and passion. But above all, it is highly fulfilling and a great learning experience.