Hanine Antouan Bou Antoun
  • Hanine Antouan Bou Antoun

  • Senior Lecturer, Director of Office of International Academic Affairs
  • Ext: 6681

Mrs. Hanine Bou Antoun is a lecturer of Statistics at the Unit of General Studies, Ajman University, that she joined on September 2016. Previously, she was a lecturer of basic and advanced business Statistics courses at LIU and CNAM universities in Lebanon. She also worked with a leading international training provider for senior managers as Business Analytics lecturer. In addition, she is an expert in data analysis and data processing with more than 7 years of professional experience in the marketing research field. She holds a Master’s Degree in Statistics from Lebanese University. Her current research interests include: multistate markovien models to predict risk of death for terminally ill patients /and dual smoking effects using kinetic measurements.

  • M.Sc. in Statistics, Lebanese University, Lebanon ,2010
  • B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics in Statistics, Lebanese University, Lebanon , 2008
  • Full time Statistics Lecturer ,Unit of General Studies,UAE (September 2016-Present)
  • Part-time Statistics Lecturer ,Business School, LIU,Lebanon (2013-2016 )
  • Part time Statistics Lecturer ,Business School, CNAM ,Lebanon (2014-2016)
  • Online business analytics trainer ,Edupristine (2016-2017)
  • Analytics Project Manager , Analytics departement ,IPSOS ,Lebanon (2014-2015 )
  • Data Processing Project Manager ,Data Processing departement, IPSOS ,Lebanon (2008-2014)
Teaching Area
  • Basic Statistics: Data description (measures of central tendency, measures of dispersion, Skewness ….), probability concepts and probability distributions(Discrete and continuous), sampling methods ….
  • Statistics Lab : Teach students Statistics on Minitab a user friendly statistical tool /Organizing SPSS workshops for students and/or faculty members
  • Advanced Statistics: Time series, hypothesis testing, estimation and confidence intervals, t-tests, ANOVA, correlation, simple and multivariate regression, Chi-square applications, lab sessions SPSS software ….
  • Business training sessions for companies’ managers: Business analytics application in class on Excel and R software.
  • Multistate markovien models to predict risk of death for terminally ill patients
  • Dual smoking effects using kinetic measurements