Hussein A. A. Elmasmari

Hi I am Dr.Hussein Elmasmari from Benghazi-Libya, married have 5 children. I get my B.D.S in dentistry from school of dentistry, Garyounis University Benghazi-Libya, my Master degree in Restorative dentistry school of clinical dentistry, Sheffield University UK in 1993 and my fellowship in Oral implantology in 2000 from I.C.O.I in USA. I start my academic carrier in Sheffield University as clinical instructor for undergraduate students and then in school of clinical dentistry Garyounis University Benghazi-Libya as full-time staff ( lecture) giving lectures and clinical supervising and demonstrate for third and fourth year ( clinical stage ). I joined Ajman University in September 2007 and I have been going through many tasks. lecturing, clinical supervising as restorative specialist for fourth, fifth year students and In MFDS sessions, supervising the research projects of the final year students , academic adviser for about 20 students and other tasks. I like dentistry specially the clinical aspect because I born clinician.

  • Fellowship in Oral Implantology, from I.C.O.I in USA 2000
  • Master Degree in restorative Dentistry, School of clinical dentistry Sheffield university UK 1993
  • B.D.S School of dentistry, Garyounis University Benghazi Libya 1980
  • Endodontics
  • Assistant professor in Restorative dentistry, Ajman University UAE since 2013.
  • 2- Lecturer in restorative dentistry, Ajman University UAE since 2007.
  • Lecture school of dentistry, Garyounis University Benghazi- Libya from 2000.
  • Working as clinical Teaching assistance for undergraduate students in Restorative Department, School of clinical Dentistry, University of Sheffield U.K.
  • Assistant Prof. Restorative Department Ajman University from 2013 to date
  • Lecturer Restorative Dentistry Ajman University from 2007 to 2013
  • Lecturer Garyounis University Restorative Department from 2000
  • Clinical teaching assistance Restorative Department Sheffield University UK 1993 for two years
Teaching Area
  • Clinical Endodontic course for fifth year treating patients and short seminars.
  • Clinical Operative course for fourth year, treating patient with clinical demonstration as they are new students in the clinic.
  • Preclinical operative dentistry courses, including lectures and preclinical labs where students can start working in patients simulating models
  • Operative dentistry clinical and preclinical.
  • the different restorative technique specially clinical aspects.
  • modern Endodontic techniques, specially introduction of rotary instruments and it is effect.
  • Restorative dentistry
  • Restorative Dentistry
Conference Presentation
  • AEEDC UAE international dental conference & Arab dental Exhibition 6-8 February 2018
  • AEEDC UAE international Dental conference & Exhibition 2017.
  • All conferences held in dental school, Ajman University.
  • Dental Facial Cosmetic Conference Dubai 2016
  • AEEDC UAE international dental conference and Exhibition 4-6 February 2020
  • AEEDC UAE international dental conference & dental exhibition 5th to 7th February
  • AEEDC Dubai UAE 6-8 February 2018
Memberships, Awards and Honors
  • Membership in ICOI, USA.
  • Membership in German Dental Implant society.
  • ADA ( American Dental association ) membership.
  • The Exam comity of Implant privilege for HAD ( exam Dentist from ABU Dhabi for Implant Privilege.
  • External Examiner in Benghazi Dental school since 2012