Four Ajman University Alumni Invent IR Glucose Monitor

Sunday, Sep 27, 2020
Four Ajman University Alumni Invent IR Glucose Monitor

As innovation is one of the core values of Ajman University, four brilliant (AU) alumni have made it happen and invented a needle-free gadget that measures blood sugar level using infrared radiation.

With this promising device, patients no longer need to have a blood sample taken as the infrared radiation used show the result in seconds with an expected accuracy of over 96%.

The biomedical engineering alumni, including Mohamed Al Khawaldeh, Ahmad Faisal, Nahyan Abdul Qadir and Mohamad Qiblawi, said the palm size device is connected, via a wire, to a small clip on the patient's thumb.

"When the analyzer is turned on, it sends an infrared radiation that penetrates the patient’s skin and measures his or her blood sugar level in a few seconds."

This reading is determined by the received intensity of the infrared radiation, its reflecting angle, and frequency which amounts to 960 micro per second, they added.

"The digital reading is sent to the main device which shows the result on its screen, and the patient’s blood sugar level at an expected accuracy of over 96%."

Noting, the AU alumni said that every blood sugar level is associated with a specific light color.

"The red light means an above normal blood sugar level and that the patient is in a serious condition and needs medical attention," they said, before adding that the yellow light indicates a normal sugar level and a stable condition, while the green light shows a below normal sugar level.

The device, showing the sugar level without taking a blood sample, saves time, effort, and money, they underlined. "It also spares patients the pain of blood sample taking,"