Internship at UCLouvain Belgium a ‘Highly Enriching’ Experience, says Ajman University Student

Tuesday, Sep 06, 2022
Internship at UCLouvain Belgium a ‘Highly Enriching’ Experience, says Ajman University Student

Ajman University (AU) students from the College of Engineering & Information Technology recently had the opportunity to undertake internships at UC Louvain Belgium as part of AU’s international academic exchange program. Jamil Hassan Jamil Mohamed Al Alami, one of the participating students expressed his appreciation for the opportunity and described it as a ‘highly enriching experience.’

Université catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain), Belgium is one of the leading universities in Belgium and wider Europe, and also ranks among the top 200 universities globally, as per QS World University Rankings 2023. (QS #195)

The select few AU students who had the opportunity to undergo the internship at UCLouvain gained an international perspective, an appreciation of cultural diversity and the finer nuances of an engineering education in the international context.

 Jamil Hassan describes his experience in his own words.

Jamil Hassan Jamil Mohamed Al Alami

"I am about to conclude the 4th year of my studies at Ajman University College of Engineering & Information Technology.

I had a series of highly enriching interactions and experiences during my internship at UCLouvain in Belgium. But my favourite experience was being trained on the procedures of entering the cleanroom of a semiconductor manufacturing facility and experiencing how the silicon wafers are fabricated at the micro level.

It gave me a highly practical perspective, in addition to the theoretical perspectives available in the classroom.

My AU professor, Dr. Maher Assad, introduced me to my research supervisor at UCLouvain, Dr. Denis Flandre who is a well-known professor with papers published in multiple fields of engineering. Dr. Maher is also supervising my internship on behalf of AU.

The experience of moving to a new country expanded my knowledge and practical skills beyond academia, as I had the chance to experience the nuances of a different culture and connect with different minds around the world, and to break the language barrier with science and knowledge.

This internship encouraged me to leave my comfort zone and enjoy new experiences, become more independent as an effective member of the society, which has reshaped and improved my communication skills and my perspective of the world."