Real-time Vehicle Speed Enforcement System, 7-10 June 2021, Budva, Montenegro, Publisher: IEEE, DOI: 10.1109/MECO52532.2021.9460297.

Traffic injuries and deaths are important road traffic issues worldwide, road accidents are a major reason of death, killing around 1.24 million people yearly and leaving 20–50 million be distressed with injuries, traffic accidents are still considered the prime factor in cause of mortality between 5–14 years old children and among 15–29 years old young adults [1]. These numbers could have been reduced if the vehicles had been travelling at more appropriate speed. The most commonly reported factors linked to the severity of accidents and deaths are due to reckless speeding or drivers may drive within the speed limits, but they are not aware of the sudden changes on road condition that could affect their safety and the safety of other road users. In response to the needed speed limit enforcement to save lives, health, and economy, this work presents a system that helps to minimize the speed-related accidents. The system is remotely operated and instantly preventing vehicles from speeding. The traffic management authorities can enforce the optimum safe speed limit whenever and wherever necessary in real time while the vehicles are running on the roads.

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