Developing Fine-Grained Performance Indicators for Assessment of Computer Engineering using Outcome-Baseda Education, 27-29 March 2021, Okayama, Japan, Publisher IEEE, DOI: 10.1109/ICIET51873.2021.9419611

Continuous assessment of the program learning outcomes (PLOs) is a fundamental part of a higher education program for program improvement and desirable to maintain the requirements of accreditation bodies. Accreditation bodies provide considerable flexibility to institutions to show how the assessment are carried out, which is generally carried out by assessing the course learning outcomes (CLOs) and mapping CLOs to PLOs. While this provides an indication of which PLO is achieved and which needs attention, it risks missing out many fine-grained aspects of the learning outcomes. In this paper, we identify specific performance indicators (PIs) for each dimension for every PLO to precisely measure all individual performance criterion within the various dimensions of a PLO which leads to a proper remedial action for the program continuous improvement. We share the experiences learnt while developing and implementing this model for our program, with the updated Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) student learning outcomes (SLO) 1-7.

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