UNESCO Art Camp 2022 Registration form

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Description of the project you would like to work on during your stay.


Ajman University provides all participants with a kit consisting of brushes, pencils and canvasses in two different formats: 150x100 cm, and 100x100 cm. A basic kit, consisting of standard colours proposed by the manufacturers, will also be available to participants. If you require special materials, they will be charged to you.

Your stay in Ajman

  • The materials are provided by the organisers: paints, canvasses, brushes, etc.
  • The organisation provides a creative space for the participating artists.
  • The painters are urged to foster exchange within the gathering and encourage dialogue. In this respect, regional presentation sessions are an opportunity for artists to spread awareness of their cultures. Each artist will have 15 minutes to present their culture, their country of origin and more specifically their commitment to peace and sustainable development.
  • Parallel events are also organised.
  • Works created at ArtCamp 2022 may be included in a collection to be presented in travelling exhibitions in following years.
  • Participating artists will be informed of any precautions they need to take in relation to developments in the health situation.

Travel to Ajman

There are two options for financing the costs of transport:

Regarding arrivals by air, we recommend the airports at Dubai or Sharjah. Visa is needed for some Nationalities. Ajman University representative will assist in this matter. Participants must take out health and accident insurance.

Participation conditions

  • Must be a painter.
  • Participating artists agree to place their fame and talent at the service of UNESCO values and principles, to raise awareness of the Organisation’s mission in the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development: promoting education, science, culture, communication and information to foster peace.
  • Participating artists pledge to honour the ArtCamp dates.
  • Participating artists pledge to create two or three works.
  • Participating artists pledge to give a presentation of their culture to the other participants and the public.
  • Participants pledge to respect the project philosophy, to share and engage in dialogue with the other participants.
  • Participants shall adhere to the regulations of the Art Camp, United Arab Emirates Laws, and respect the culture and heritage of the United Arab Emirates.
  • Participants pledge that their art work shall not offend a religion or a country.
  • Participating artists pledge to present a project to diffuse the values of UNESCO and/or the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, which they will immediately introduce in their home country, or a project already in progress that they will enhance from their experiences at ArtCamp.
  • Children may tour the art camp. Participants should be cognizant of this part of the event and their artwork shall be suitable for all ages.

Documents required

For your registration to be considered, you must provide the following documents with the form: Curriculum Vitae, portfolio of works carried out and, where applicable, project describing your participation.


*Maximum file size limit is 2MB.

Please send your CV to the email artcamp@ajman.ac.ae