Login Accounts

The I.T. department has created a list of Login Accounts for students in order to access the above mentioned services.

The login accounts are for the following services:

  • Network.
  • Email
  • Online Registration System/ Evaluation System/ Moodle System.

1. Network Account (For Local Area Network-LAN- and Wireless Access Network)

What is the Network Account?

The Network Account is an authorized User Name to login to Windows in any computer at AUST.
Using the Network Account will give access to AUST Network resources such as internet, intranet, Network shared folders, and wireless. See below a screenshot from the login Network Account window: 

When you use the User Name and Password, be sure that AUST is selected under Log on to

The Network Account is the same user for accessing the AUST Wireless connection

Who needs a Network Account?

Any AUST member should have a Network Account.

What is the password policy for the Network Account?

The password should change according to the following I.T. policy:

Minimum Password Length is 8 characters.

For more details about Password policy, please go to the following intranet link: http://it/it/polices_internet.htm 

Evaluation / Online Registration System / Moodle System

Is it the same Login information for the three systems?

Yes, if the student changes his/her password for any reason, the password for the other systems will change subsequently to the same new password. 


Student email address will be: <student ID>@aust.ae.
The password will be: <The same as the Network login Password>.

The email and network passwords are connected as long as you did not change any of them or you change the network password, in this case the email password will be changed subsequently but not vice versa .i.e if you change your email password from the email web site then the password of the email and the network will not become connected anymore and the Network password will remain as the old one.