Wireless Access

The Wireless service gives students the privilege to use his/her personal Laptop and internet only.
All active students have privilege to the wireless.

Please see below some important information about AUST Wireless and installation steps. 

Wireless Regulations:

In order to use the wireless connection, all users will be required to abide by the I.T. internet/Labs Policies.


  • Personal Laptop with a Wireless Network card. 
  • The students Network Login Name and Password which are provided to the students by the I.T. department to access the internet lab, Home Folder, and AUST Intranet. The Network Login Name is the Student ID Number. 

Configuring Wireless Connection on Windows 7:

First, make sure that your wireless is enabled, and then follow the below mentioned steps:

span>Right click on the Wireless Network Connection icon, and select View Available Wireless Networks option, . A new window will open with a list for all the available wireless connections in the University as shown below: 

Select AUST-STUDENT Wireless Connection and then press set up connection or network, you will be requested to provide the Network Account and Password.