Cognitive Services and Robotics Workshop by Microsoft at AUIC

Wednesday, Jul 26, 2017

Ajman University Innovation Center  (AUIC) hosted a workshop titled “Automated Processes, Robots and Cognitive Services” this was conducted in conjunction with Microsoft Visual Studio and was delivered by Cesar Younes, a Microsoft developer.

The workshop aimed at teaching AU staff, students and the general public about cognitive services and how to use Microsoft Visual Studio to generate smart automated robotic chat boxes on websites and applications. This enables them to learn and acquire skills to access individual information about each user and assist in guiding the user and provide information to better his experience, in turn the service provided. The smart bots taught to develop in the workshop can also identify various objects from faces recognition, identity, guess ages, brands, amongst others. They also obey commands to assist the user, advise insurance or financial assistance, schedule and most importantly serve as a search engine.

AU frequently hold workshops and courses that reflect the ideology of encouraging students to keep abreast of the latest technologies and such experts impart the latest knowledge and market trends. It’s noteworthy that the College of Information and College of Engineering at AU support students to express their ideas and innovations through projects which many have submitted to national and international competitions. Their achievements on such platform is the realization of AU mission.

The workshop concluded on a note of question and answering session wherein the participants posed their queries to the expert. Deputy Director, AUIC, Eng. Mohamed Baloola honored Mr. Cesar Younes for his constructive teaching session and an interactive workshop delivered to the AUIC community.