Law Students Experience Cargo and Customs First Hand

Tuesday, Dec 05, 2017

In its bid to bridge the gap between theory and practice, the College of Law at Ajman University organized educational trips for its students. They visited the Dubai Cargo Village and Ajman Port and Customs. AU encourages its students to get first-hand experience from such excursions that stimulate them into the practical life of shipments both by air and sea.

Students studying aviation and maritime law visited the corporate offices accompanied by Professor Dr. Suzan Hassan. Vice President of the Emirates Shipping Network, Mr. Haji Abbas and Commercial Freight Manager, Emirates Airlines, Ms. Yazia Saeed welcomed and briefed them about the daily operations of the customer service, freight forwarding and the role of the legal department in ensuring a smooth operation.

They toured the cargo village and its departments, where the students familiarized themselves with the operations and mechanisms utilized in efficiently running a shipment business. The cargo by sea and air transports have varying document requirements, AU students were given practical examples of shipments that were being dispatched globally.

Mr. Salem Al Kaabi, Head of Security Department and Ms. Mariam Al Awadhi, Legal Affairs Representative from Ajman Port and Customs welcomes the students delegation. They praised AU’s role in sustainable development of UAE and its community. The students were given an overview presentation of the organizational structure and the operations of the port that regularly witnessed a lot of traffic in terms of large and medium sized ships. Monitoring, guiding and clearing is conducted under supervised and regulated authorities.

Students praised the administration for organizing such field trips that give the students the added exposure of the practical under experienced guides.