Students Club Fair at AU

Tuesday, Feb 13, 2018

The Students’ Club fair at Ajman University opened amidst lot of fanfare and enthusiasm. Students’ energetic efforts and relentless preparations made the event a feast for the talented student fraternity that wanted to join the various clubs on campus.

Dr. Karim Seghir, Chancellor of Ajman University inaugurated the fair, organized by the Deanship of Student Affairs Dr. Nahla Al Qassimi, Dean of Student Affairs welcomed Vice- Chancellors, Deans and faculty members who visited the fair.

60 clubs varying in nature representing the scientific, cultural and talents group were at the fair to vow students at 80 booths. Theatre, social media, Emirati, Asian, Korean, Literature, IT, Photography, Designer, Legal, Women's Life Coaching, Sustainability, Go Green, Dentistry, Art Renaissance, Anastomosis Dental, Happiness, Books, Culture Mania, Meem Times, Sports, Scouts were just some of the clubs that presented the students social interest and cultural attachments to their beloved country.

The booths were enticingly decorated to reflect the theme and students creativity shined through them. Each kiosk was unique in its offering and décor, Chancellor Seghir spoke with the students at the fair, and inquired about the idea behind each booth and the unique features of the clubs, he encouraged them to utilize their talents and creative flair through these clubs to reach out to the community.

On her part Dr. Nahla, stated that the clubs have played an important role in letting students express their interests, hobbies and culture. The interaction between the students was positively influenced during the collaborative process of putting this fair together, which saw students pour out their heart and soul into the project.