Mission Statement

College Vision

To be internationally recognized as one of the leading Colleges of pharmacy in the Arab World through the provision of innovative pharmacy education, training, impactful research and responsible community engagement.

College Mission

The COPHS provides excellence in pharmaceutical and health sciences, practice, research and teaching through student-centric education, keeping abreast with the rapid advances in the professions, thereby preparing its students to become competent health care professionals nationally and internationally.

College Goals

 Following a complete assessment of the current status and SWOT analysis, the following five strategic goals are set for the period of 2022-2027:

  1. Strategic Goal 1. Advance excellence in pharmacy and health sciences education.

    Strategic Goal 2. Conduct and disseminate high-quality research and other scholarly activity that improves health and health care delivery.

    Strategic Goal 3. Prepare graduates with life-long learning skills journey so they can continue and advance their competence in an ever-changing environment.

    Strategic Goal 4. Engage in impactful external community activities.

    Strategic Goal 5. Attract and retain diverse students, faculty and staff of high caliber. 

College Values

COPHS believes and shares the same institutional values of professional and academic culture. These are:


All activities are conducted with strong emphasis on outstanding quality standards.


COPHS adheres to the principles of honesty, trustworthiness, reliability, transparency and accountability.


COPHS embraces shared governance, inspires tolerance, and is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion.


COPHS promotes community engagement, environmental sustainability and global citizenship. It also promotes awareness and support for the needs and challenges of the local and global communities.


COPHS supports creative activities that approach challenges and issues from multiple perspectives in order to find solutions and advance knowledge.