Dalya J. T. Sharaf
  • Dalya J. T. Sharaf

  • Research Assistant
  • Ext: 6031

I am Dalya Sharaf, Biomedical Engineer, Research Assistant in Dentistry Collage. I have always been thinking about my future, building a career, becoming a successful person and generally finding my own path in the life. Since 2014, I had joined Ajman university as a Research Center Assistant in the dental material Lab, I start to help and assist the students in testing their sample (operate the machines), the samples made of Polymers, zirconia, metal alloys and different composite sample. To analyze and understand the result I should have enough knowledge about the physical, chemical and thermal properties of each material. Then I had to start read and learn trying to analyze the student results. I had graduated from Biomedical Engineering Department since 2013 with honor, then I join one company as Application Engineer in Medical equipment company in Dubai till 2014, and in the same year I got a chance to work in academic field as Research Assistant till now. This help me to persistence that I want really to be in field which will keep encouraging me for more learning and research. On other hand, this raise the sense of responsibilities, I had finished Research Methodology and Biostatics course in 2020, this course help me a lot to give my students a very clear image for their study design. Being employee for more than 8 years, help me to focused more in my responsibilities, try to show my best in independent, think about what skills and knowledge want to develop and concrete ideas in my mind so I know areas where I may be able to get more involved.

Teaching Area
  • Biomedical Design course 218 392 - 2nd Semester- 2017/Department of Biomedical Engineering
  • Mechanic of Solids MEC206 2nd Semester 2021 /Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Engineering Material 2502250 (MEC203)-2nd Semester 2021/ Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechanic of solids MEC206 2nd semester 2022/Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Assessment of Tooth and dental micro instruments using Micro computed tomography