Thamer Fund

If you wish to apply for Thamer Fund, please do so during the period (currently not available) and via ORS - Thamer's Fund E-request. For information or inquiry kindly send an email to Thamer Fund for educational support and solidarity:

Thamer's Fund was established to cater for a certain group of students who may need financial support throughout their university life.

The idea of setting up a fund to help Ajman University students who suffer from financial barriers began with the University's intention to play a pioneering and sustainable role in the domain of social responsibility. It coincided with the presence of a number of students whose difficult financial circumstances prevented them from continuing their higher education.

The late Thamer Salman, May God have mercy on him, played a prominent role in supervising the Fund to ensure its sustainability and effectiveness in supporting AU students who are facing financial problems. Thamer was the vice president of (Ajman University of Science and Technology) throughout the years 1999 - 2013. He was very much involved in the lives of students and the whole of the University's community. Through his continuous communication with students and his commitment that needy students must pursue their education, Thamer Saeed Salman decided to launch the "Joint Fund". The launch of this Fund was a source of relief for our students who benefitted a lot from it and managed to get their degrees. The fund continued to support a large number of AU students and was funded by the University and donors.

In 2013, after the demise of late Thamer Saeed Salman, the University had to stand in solidarity with the founder of the "Joint Fund", Thamer Salman. Therefore, the University decided to launch the name of Thamer on the joint fund to become "Thamer Fund for Educational Solidarity". Since then, the Fund journey has been a good and rewarding one. Now, the fund has a board of directors, an executive committee and permanent sources of funding. It has become a bright spot in the history of the University in terms of strengthening the role of the University in the area of social responsibility.


  • External and Internal Contributions.

  • Revenues from AU assets (Thamer's Building).

Eligibility Conditions And Application Procedure:

Applicants for a financial aid should meet the following conditions:

  1. To be a registered student of Ajman University or has suspended his/her studies due to pending debts.

  2. To be enrolled in a Bachelor's program.

  3. To have completed 30 credit hours.

  4. To have limited financial resources.

  5. To have a minimum CGPA of 2.5.

  6. To have received no written warning from the Student Discipline Committee.

  7. Not to be a beneficiary of an internal or external scholarship. (Discounts abiding by the University's Discounts and Scholarships Policy are not included).

  8. Graduating students are given precedence when reviewing aid applications.

To benefit from the Fund's services, the following must be followed:

  1. Review the financial policies that fall under the Office of Finance, such as fee payment guide, accepted payment methods, fee payment deadlines, late payment penalties, and others. For more details, please check the link below:



For more details, please contact the Office of Finance through: , 067056151

  1. Completing an online form on the Fund's website within the announced deadlines.

  2. Certifying the preliminary documents from the relevant University offices:

    1. Completing the ThamerFund Application Form.

    2. Submitting Financial and academic records for internal auditing.

  3. To provide the following duly attested and valid scanned documents:

    1. Copies of passports and residence stamps for family members.

    2. Certified tenancy contract and water/electricity bills.

    3. Salary certificate of the family's main breadwinner.

    4. Six month bank statement of the family's lead income earner.

    5. Other education expenses.

    6. Health reports (if available).

    7. Death certificate of the family's lead income earner (if available).

    8. Any other documents relevant to the application.

  4. The application shall be discarded in the case of missing documents.

  5. Please follow up with the Office of Finance to settle/schedule your due balance and leave only AED 10K as a final instalment, this option (10K instalment) does not mean that your application is approved,. It is a temporary action until a final decision is taken.

  6. The Committee's rapporteur shall examine the applications and documents and shall prepare a final report with a summary of each application. The report shall afterwards be submitted to the Committee for review. The recommendations of the Committee shall then be presented to the Board for approval.

  7. The Board may approve or reject an application based on specific considerations and priorities. The Board shall not be required to justify its decisions. Decisions of the Board shall be non-appealable.

    1. In the case the application is accepted, the beneficiary student may submit a new application only after two consecutive semesters (summer session not included).

    2. In the case the application is rejected, the applicant may submit a new application in the following semester, on the grounds of worsened financial situation. In the event the second application is also rejected, the applicant may not be eligible to submit a third application.

  8. The Board shall set the aid amount for each approved application and how it shall paid.


  • Cash payments through Al Ansari Exchange Branches inside the UAE.

  • By sending an SMS.

    • To donate, send (Thamer) to :

    • 5205 (5) AED

    • 6620 (20) AED

    • 4040 (100) AED

    • 6625 (500) AED

  • Online Payment.

Direct deposits and bank transfers to:

    • Bank Name: Ajman Bank

    • Branch: Khalifa Branch - Ajman

    • Beneficiary name: Ajman University - Thamer Fund

    • Account number: 017482222023

    • IBAN: AE390570000017482222023

    • Swift Code: AJMNAEAJ

Annual Contributors: