Teaching and Learning Center

We have renovated the TLC’s scope and operations and introduced several new approaches, services, and tools. We collaborate with colleges, departments, and offices to develop and sustain faculty’s skills and knowledge in pedagogy and technology of education. We also design and implement a wide spectrum of training programs that target faculty (including adjunct and part-time faculty) and teaching support staff.

The programs are delivered by in-house and/or external professionals with a proven record of excellence. Our programs cover:

  1. Curricular and pedagogical innovations, instructional design, and overall development of education.
  2. Technology-assisted education and online learning.
  3. Course management, student-instructor communication, and automated assessment techniques.
  4. Educational media, voice, and presentation skills.

Our ultimate goals are

  1. to assist faculty and supporting staff members in reaching the highest international standards in teaching,
  2. to optimize the use of existing technology and acquire new ones, and
  3. to facilitate AU’s transition to blended learning model.


Our mission is to achieve AU’s strategic goal of excellence in teaching and learning. We design and implement innovative professional development programs for faculty and supporting teaching staff to ensure that the best pedagogical practices are adopted and the most developed technology is acquired and utilized. We also contribute to AU’s strategic transition to an online and blended learning system.


The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) offers support, resources, and training services for AU faculty and supporting teaching staff. The TLC coordinates and facilitates continuous faculty development programs and facilitates the acquisition and adoption of most advanced learning technologies.

Strategic Goals

  1. Promote a culture of excellence in teaching and technology-assisted learning at Ajman University. We do so by planning and offering faculty development programs that disseminate knowledge on modern teaching methodology and advanced technology.
  2. Facilitate the screening and acquisition of advanced learning technology in collaboration with Colleges and the Office of Technology.
  3. Obtain CAA approval (substantial change) to convert a few existing programs to the blended learning mode.
  4. Contribute to the fulfilment of the requirements of E-Learning as specified by the CAA, and the transition to the online and blended learning models.
  5. Promote TLC services to faculty and digitize its processes.