Teaching and Learning Center


The center was established in the fall of academic year 2019/2020. Our mission for Ajman University (AU) is to strive for excellence in teaching and learning; we support inspired and innovative pedagogy within the classroom and beyond, in research, scholarship, and creative activity, with the goal of enhancing teaching and student learning. TLC collaborates with colleges and departments to provide evidence-based and inclusive learning and teaching practices, educational programs and training to their faculty, instructors and teaching assistants.

Who are we?

We are a newly founded center, which collaborates with in-house and external professionals with expertise in educational development, instructional design, learning technology, educational media, voice and presentation skills, applied research in teaching and learning. Our ultimate goal is to achieve highest levels of teaching and learning skills for our faculty and staff members reaching international standards.

Teaching & Learning Goals of the TLC
  • Fostering an institutional culture that values and celebrates teaching and learning by promoting an environment that embraces experimentation, innovation and risk-taking.
  • Nurturing a teaching community whose members feel connected and supported in their work.
  • Building the capacity of individuals and academic units to excel in their teaching roles by collaborating with clients and partners to implement teaching and learning–related solutions.
  • Develop and inspire the next educators (our current students) to be excellent teachers, communicators, and leaders.
  • Ensure the quality of educational experience for all of our students by vigorously supporting the development and widespread use of teaching expertise and learner-centered approaches in teaching.
  • The Center provides tools for evaluating teaching practices from multiple viewpoints, including the voices of the students on assessment of teaching and learning from various courses.
  • We value learning environments in which diverse students and instructors can excel and we recognize and support individual differences among learners.
The Teaching & Learning Center Professional Development Series

The Teaching & Learning Center (TLC) is offering a professional development series for faculty, staff, and teaching assistants. The TLC is invested in maximizing the excellence of the teaching and learning mission at AU. The professional development series will provide experiences, information, resources, and networking to help faculty, staff, and teaching assistants improve their craft in teaching, mentoring, and advising in many ways.

The TLC will offer a series of events throughout the academic year that delve into many domains of teaching and learning. These events will provide valuable experiences for those who attend in person. The events will be cataloged on a Canvas page for those who cannot attend in person.

The TLC’s Advisory Committee (TLC-AC)

An Advisory Committee for the TLC has been formed to help the center achieve its set mission and objectives. The membership of the TLC-AC includes faculty members representatives from all Colleges. In addition to few invited external members.