Student Success Center

In November 2019, Ajman University (AU) announced the formation of the Student Success Center (SSC) to serve all the students enrolled at the University.

The SSC offers a variety of student-centered services to ensure academic excellence. From free tutoring, and individualized academic coaching to seminars and workshops, the SSC will provide the tools and resources necessary to achieve its mission. The SSC has a mandate that goes beyond employment training and deep into producing competent, confident, and capable professionals who will contribute to developing their society.


The SSC will help students reach their full academic potential and thrive during their University years.


The SSC will help students reach their full academic potential and thrive during their University years through early identification of students in need of academic support and through providing comprehensive support tailored to the needs of the student to help develop capable and well-rounded graduates who will enter the workforce and help foster a forward-thinking and progressive society.


  1. Provide curricular support activities and programs that lead to increased students' satisfaction and ultimately reflect on observable academic success:
    A Peer Tutoring Program and an Academic Twining Program are created to increase student attrition, academic success, and completion (graduation) through delivering student-tailored support.
  2. Organize initiatives and programs that aim at enhancing students' knowledge and application of behaviors and habits that lead to academic success.
    A string of round-the-table student-faculty meetings to facilitate open lines of communication that help in creating a more collaborative learning environment and increased knowledge; well-rounded graduates
  3. Create a culture of Life- long learning
    Structure activities that foster the elements of Life-Long Learning: Critical Thinking, Curiosity, Problem Solving, Leadership, Communication, Collaboration, Information Management, and Adaptability.

Support provided by the SSC

The Peer-Tutoring Program

In the Peer Tutor Program (PTP) high academically performing students are trained as peer Tutors (PTs) and become officially qualified to provide one-to-one tutorial sessions to students who need additional support in some courses.

Students needing support can access the SSC's website and look for PTs who offer support in the courses they need to revise.

  • Do you think you have what it takes to become a Peer Tutor?
  • Refer to the provided list, to find out who is the Faculty Liaison in your college (LINK)
  • Want to connect with a Peer Tutor? PT Page (LINK)

Webinars/ Seminars/ Workshops

Since its establishment, the SSC has developed and hosted many webinars in collaboration with international researchers and professionals from both in and out of AU.

  • [7 Simple steady time management skillset] - ONGOING
  • [What it means to be a Well-rounded University Student] - ONGOING
  • [Visual Thinking Strategies]
  • [Teachers and Students: Becoming Partners in Education]
  • [Bullying and its impact on Academic Performance] - ONGOING
  • [Preparing for Final Exams] – ONGOING

The Academic Twinning Program

In the 'Academic Twining Program (ATP) students observed to be at academic risk will receive guidance, follow-up, and support through (1) the respective faculty member of the courses they enrolled in; (2) a peer-tutor who will provide one-to-one sessions designed to help with the respective courses; or (in the absence of a Peer Tutor (3) a student peer who volunteers to help the student tutee.

Need to enroll yourself in the program?

Simply reach out to your course professor, and they will guide you to help.