Our Campus

Student Hub

The brand new Student Hub offers one-stop shopping for all student needs: admissions, financial aid, food court, library, study spaces, and so much more! The modern glass structure offers incredible views of the campus. The entire building, completed in January 2019, features a sleek overall design and contemporary seating throughout. Every aspect of the facility was created to be sustainable. See our "sustainable campus" webpage for more details on what AU is doing to preserve the world's natural resources. 

J1 Building 

The 20-000-square-meter J1 Building is a three-story, U-shaped building with 25 lecture halls, 23 laboratories, and 132 faculty offices. J1 is home to the colleges of Pharmacy, Health Sciences, and Dentistry. The teaching and consulting dental clinics offer a dedicated lobby and entrance for outpatients. Also on-site is a medical clinic, cafeterias, a convenience store, a photocopy center, and prayer rooms. 

J2 Building 

With more than 35,000 square meters, J2’s u-shaped structure features a three-story atrium and glass walls to inspire creative thinking. J2 is home to the colleges of Business Administration; Engineering; Information Technology; and Mass Communication & Humanities. There are 56 lecture halls, 56 laboratories, and 204 faculty offices.


Sports Complex 

Ajman University boasts a modern sports complex which includes an indoor 25-meter swimming pool, a multi-sports hall, two fitness centers and locker rooms, as well as billiard, table-tennis, and chess areas. The sports complex also includes outdoor playing fields for volleyball, basketball, and football. All sports activities have professional trainers to foster skills and safety; the swimming pool is monitored by lifeguards at all times.


Student Hostels

Ajman University’s Student Hostels are operated in accordance with all institutional policies and regulations, under the authority and supervision of the Deanship of Student Affairs. Facilities are modern, comfortable and conducive to studying and socializing.

Sheikh Zayed Center

The first floor of Sheikh Zayed Center features a large exhibition center that hosts a diverse offering of campus and community events throughout the year. A beautiful Majlis for VIP guests is included on the first floor. The second floor of SZC features Ajman University's state-of-the-art College of Medicine.