Info for Research Collaborations

Research Support for International Collaborations

Research Grants

Ajman university encourages and fosters scientific collaboration in research. The Deanship of Research and Graduate Studies provides financial support to faculty members at Ajman University by funding research grants to conduct their research either on an individual basis or by forming research teams, including interdisciplinary teams from outside Ajman University.

To enhance scientific engagement with the external community, AU welcomes high profile scholars from outside Ajman University to join as co-investigators and benefit from our internal research grants. AU also provides financial support to students and other researchers working on the funded project as Hourly Paid Research Assistants.

Research projects focusing on research areas that are important for the Emirate of Ajman, UAE and the Arab region will have high priority. Priority for allocation of funds will be given to proposals with potential for publication in renowned journals or if they merit inclusion in prestigious research conferences.

Research Centers

Ajman University supports and facilitates collaborative research conducted in cooperation with public and private institutions and industry. With this aim, AU has launched Research Centers to focus resources and the efforts of researchers in developing key research areas of national and international importance.

AU Research Centers provide an opportunity to establish and nurture research collaborations with international universities/institutes, and submit proposals for internal/external research grants.

The research centres are interdisciplinary in nature and are not directly associated with individual colleges. The University provides support to hire the following positions for each research centre: (a) a Full-Time Research Associate (FTRA) or Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, and (b) a number of Adjuncts Research Associates (ARA) as per research centre policy.

Open Access Article Processing Charge

In line with AU’s strategy to disseminate its research and scholarship to a wider community, and to enhance its contribution to the academic community and society, AU has developed an ‘Open Access Article Processing Charge policy.’ The policy aims to facilitate the publishing of high-quality research articles by AU researchers and their outside collaborators in open access journals. This will make our research more accessible, increasing its visibility, impact and citations for the benefit of researchers, university and society.