Research Strategy

Ajman University considers research a significant part of University’s purpose and accordingly places strong emphasis on impactful research and scholarship. One of its key strategic goals is to enhance the quality, relevance, and impact of research and intellectual contribution by its faculty and students. AU’s commitment to research, scholarship, innovation and creative activity is reflected through provision of appropriate physical, fiscal, and human resources. Its research strategy, as described below, supports and promotes research and scholarly activities directed towards the creation, integration, and application of knowledge:

  1. Nurture a culture of research, scholarly activity, creative activity and innovation across all disciplines and at faculty, graduate and undergraduate levels.
  2. Identify research areas of significance for academic colleges, University, and community at large. These shall include some relevant research areas identified in UAE Vision 2021, Ajman Vision 2021, and the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030, with emphasis on sustainability and innovation.
  3. Increase AU’s national, regional, and international ranking in research and scholarship by hiring, retaining, and rewarding outstanding research-active faculty.
  4. Improve the research infrastructure and funding mechanisms at AU to promote research across all disciplines.
  5. Enhance cooperative research through research collaboration, strategic partnerships, and engagement with industry, business, and government organizations.
  6. Provide sufficient budget for internally-funding research grants for faculty, their professional development and performance enhancement. Also, improve the number and quality of externally funded research grants.
  7. Recruit outstanding graduate students through scholarships and awards from internal as well as external sources.
  8. Enhance the quality of existing graduate programs and introduce new graduate programs reflecting global trends and catering to local and regional market needs.
  9. Encourage and support organization of research conferences and research competitions.
  10. Provide concrete incentives (financial and non-financial) for faculty members to conduct highquality and high-impact research.
  11. To promote principles of sustainability and nurture a culture of the shared responsibility of mankind to preserve planet Earth for future generations.