The 2020 QS World University Rankings listed AU as having the 4th most international faculty – and 6th most international students – in the entire world!
We also received "Five QS Stars" -- the highest possible ratings -- for inclusiveness and social responsibility!   

AU believes diversity is integral to academic excellence. We value and honor broad experiences, abilities, and perspectives. We strive to create a welcoming and respectful learning environment. We promote access, opportunity, and justice for all. AU’s campus is home to a rich mix of international faculty (from 35 different nations); a diverse student body (representing 70 different nationalities). AU’s vast network of 36,000 alumni resides in 48 different countries. The student experience at AU is one of innovation beyond borders!

Policy on Diversity and Inclusivity

Ajman University (AU) embraces shared governance and tolerance, promotes diversity and recognizes its responsibility to foster an open, welcoming environment where multicultural students, faculty and staff can collaboratively learn, work, serve and engage with the external community. AU values and takes pride of the academic, social, and broader community benefits that arise from cultural diversity and are committed to greater equity, inclusion and accountability.  Diversity cultivates AU community and is a vital component that drives institutional success and fulfillment of the University’s mission and core values.  We commit to engaging in ongoing efforts to thoughtfully adapt to the changing realities of our increasingly interconnected world. Continuously, AU endeavors to work together to address the challenges of the future by eliminating barriers to success and promoting a culture of compassion, inclusivity and mutual respect. The proficiencies gained through diverse experiences prepare students, faculty and staff to personally and professionally thrive as global citizens.

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Committee

The Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Committee has a mandate to implement and advise on policies, programs, and training related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. This committee will guide and guard our commitment to a welcoming environment for people from all places and cultures.

Nationalities Represented

Did you know that Ajman University is one of the most diverse institutions of higher education on Earth? Our campus is home to more than 70 nationalities -- from Australia to Venezuela, Afghanistan to Uzbekistan, and Azerbaijan to the United States!                                   


Accessibility for All Abilities

AU seeks to ensure that people of all abilities have access to spaces and places on campus. Accessibility was at the forefront of design when building the new Student Community Center, opening September 2018. Contact the facilities and service manager, k.almetnawy@ajman.ac.ae, for additional information.

Gender Breakdown

AU is a place where both genders have almost equal distribution. Female representation in higher education is on the rise, which can be seen on the AU campus!