Leadership Programs

The Office of Student Life organizes the Leadership program that enable students to be leaders by providing them with leadership skills and the art of effective communication. It also allows them to discover their abilities to achieve their goals, address all challenges, and pave the way for leadership. This program includes the following:

  1. Leadership sessions: These free sessions are in line with the highest quality standards and aim to provide students with the means and skills to be innovative leaders. They are conducted at the beginning of each semester and at different levels.
  2. Peer leaders: They are a group of qualified students with leadership skills and social networking experience, and have general knowledge of the University. They are mentors to newly admitted international students, and help them integrate with their new community.
  3. AU Ambassadors: They are a group of distinguished students selected by the Office of Student Life after passing the evaluation interview to represent students at AU events both on and off campus.
  4. Leadership conferences: Participating in leadership conferences and workshops offers students an exceptional opportunity to develop their skills and leadership personality, enhance their self-confidence, and gain different experiences. For instance, the Office of Student Life regularly participates in MUN model conferences, and organizes preparatory workshops and training courses for participants to ensure outstanding performance and effective participation.