Student Clubs and Organizations

Student clubs and organizations aim to refine students' talents, develop their skills and achieve effective communication with each other, by organizing many cultural, social and recreational activities. They provide students with the opportunity to develop their leadership personality, acquire time management skills, take responsibilities, and work in a team spirit. The Office of Student Life fully supports and guides students throughout this journey, and oversees these club and organizations’ formations, including:

  1. Student Council: The Student Council aims to lead the student work throughout the whole academic year, and voice the wishes and challenges of all students. Its members are elected annually, and they represent their peers at student forums in the UAE and abroad. The Student Council serves as the link between the students and the administration.
  2. Student clubs: The student clubs attract students of all interests, cultures and aspirations. They represent a platform where many student achievements and initiatives arise. Student clubs play a vital role in enriching student life at Ajman University by organizing many cultural, social, recreational and scientific activities. There are around 90 clubs on campus, which aim to develop students' skills, refine their talents and promote teamwork and volunteerism.