Research Ethics Committee

Ajman University’s Research Ethics Committee (REC) was established in accordance with the approved bylaws of Deanship of Research and Graduate Studies. Its purpose is to ensure that research work involving human or animal subjects follows specific ethical guidelines consistent with national and international standards. Ajman University and its researchers are expected to maintain the highest ethical standards and to foster values of honesty, rigor, openness, care and respect

REC members

  1. Dr. Gabriel Andrade (Chair of AUREC), College of Medicine. Assistant Professor
  2. Prof. Chris Enyinda (Business Administration), Professor
  3. Dr. Amine Bahi (Medicine), Assistant Professor
  4. Dr. Laroussi Chemlali (Law), Assistant Professor
  5. Dr. Nihal Abdallah (Pharmacy and Health Sciences), Assistant Professor
  6. Dr. Dalia Bedawy (Humanities and Social Sciences), Assistant Professor
  7. Dr. Usman Durrani (Engineering and IT), Assistant Professor.
  8. Dr. Shaymaa Omar (Mass Communication), Professor
  9. Dr. Simy Mathew (Dentistry), Lecturer
  10. Dr. Naglaa Sami (Architecture, Art and Design), Assistant Professor

Who needs AUREC approval?

All prospective researchers from Ajman University who will gather data from humans or animals are required to take prior approval from REC. Even if the collection of data were to be done outside Ajman University, we recommend in many cases to get ethical approval from REC, since the applicant will be representing the institution.

For external researchers, an REC approval is required if you wish to gather data from students, faculty or staff at Ajman University

Apply Early

REC meets on a monthly basis, typically the last week of the month. We therefore encourage applicants to apply within the first two weeks of each month, so that the application files are ready for the REC meeting by the end of the month

Expected time to respond

The REC will reply within two weeks after each meeting (at the end of each month). Reviewers may request modifications, and subsequent rounds of revision may be necessary

Requesting form by external applicants

Please request it from Dr. Gabriel Andrade,

For external applicants – In case of rejection

We encourage external applicants to comply with modification requests from reviewers. If the application is altogether rejected, the applicant is recommended to modify the application, and apply again.