Deanship of Student Services

The Deanship of Student Services initiates and manages co-curricular life at AU

The Deanship of Student Services (DSS) is a student-centered office and a key component of Ajman University. It seeks to enhance students’ capabilities by building an inclusive, diverse, safe, and wellness-promoting environment that transforms students to lifelong learners capable of overcoming market challenges and becoming successful and creative citizens in the global community.

The DSS provides resources dedicated to students through various offices such as:

  • Student Life office

  • Students Housing office

  • Counseling Unit

  • Student Success center

The DSS encourages student growth, exploration, and achievement by supporting and advising select student organizations, and mentoring individuals to help them become thoughtful and successful leaders.

The main goals of the Deanship of Students Services

  1. Support students' learning and academic success.

  2. Offer opportunities that foster students’ assimilation, engagement,well-being and personal development.

  3. Enhance community partnerships for effective, seamless student services and experiences.

  4. Build a community that fosters a safe, inclusive, and respectful living and learning environment.

  5. Promote technologically innovative support services.

The Dean of Student Services is Dr. Nahla Al Qasimi. She received a Master's Degree in Architecture and a Ph.D. in Town Planning from Cairo Unviersity. In addition to her duties as the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Al Qasimi is an assistant professor in the College of Architecture, Art and Design.

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