About the College

The College of Business Administration (CBA) is a pioneer in career-focused business education in the UAE, delivering practice-oriented and socially conscious business learning that is at par with the best in the world. We are one of a very small number of higher education institutions in the Arab region providing Bachelor of Science (BSc) degrees for internationally competitive programs, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with multiple focus areas, and a highly competitive Doctor of Business Administration (DBA). All our programs are accredited by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education, and by the prestigious and globally renowned Association for the Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). Additionally, our undergraduate programs enjoy their own discipline-specific recognition and accreditation. For instance, our Finance program is a member of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) University Affiliation Program; our Accounting program is accredited by the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA), Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Australia, and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), and our marketing program is accredited by Digital Marketing Institute (DMI). CBA faculty members are a diverse and highly qualified group of academics with qualifications and experience from some of the world’s leading universities. Many of them also have significant industry experience. They are proponents of experiential learning methods, and their academic strength is reflected in their publications in high-quality scholarly journals that impact business and the economy at the local, regional and global levels. Together, CBA faculty members are an engaged and supportive group of instructors and advisers who are personally invested in helping our students to learn and grow.

Vision Statement

To be the premier institution in the UAE providing cutting edge and socially responsible business education.

Mission Statement

To provide a contemporary business education in a diverse and culturally sensitive environment that fosters community engagement and enhances employability.

Core Values

CBA practices and promotes the following core values in the fulfillment of its mission:

  • Excellence: Commit to excellence in our teaching, research and community service
  • Student-Centered: Provide an experiential learning environment that fosters strong relationships and student success
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Accept and respect human, social and cultural differences
  • Social Responsibility: Promote citizenship skills and sustainable practices in the use of economic, ecological and social resources
  • Continuous Learning: Instilling students with a desire to become life-long learners
  • Integrity: Commit to individual and institutional integrity; Integrate the awareness of ethical issues into student learning activities