Hajer Kratou
  • Hajer Kratou

  • Assistant Professor
  • Ext: 5165

Dr. Hajer Kratou is an economist. She got her Ph.D. in 2015 from the university of Auvergne, Clermont 1 (France). Her research interests are not only focused on external flows such as migrants’ remittances, but also on FDI and Official development assistance (ODA). She holds scopus-index publications related to different macroeconomic topics such as income inequality, globalization, remittances economic growth. Also she is involved in a research projects in political sciences with the Nordic Africa institute(Sweden). She worked as a lecturer in ESSECT (university of Tunis) for five semesters and as a secondary school teacher in rectorat of Clermont (France). Dr. Hajer worked for 2 years as a researcher in one of the pioneer micro finance institution in Tunis and as a consultant with the African Union. From the Fall 2017-Summer 2019, Dr. Hajer had worked in Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd University (KSA) for 2 years as assistant professor in economics and recently (fall 2019) she joined Ajman University in UAE, teaching in the department of finance.

  • PhD in development economics, Auvergne University, Clermont Ferrand, France, 2015
  • Mater degree M2, econometrics, Polytechnic School, Tunis, Tunisia, 2010
  • Bachelor degree M1, Business administration, HEC Tunis, Tunisia, 2008
  • Assistant Professor, Finance, Ajman University, current
  • Assistant professor, Finance and accounting, PMU, KSA, two years
  • Consultant, African Union, One year
  • Researcher, Research and Marketing, Tunis, two years
  • Lecturer, Rectorat of Clermont, France, one year
  • Lecturer, Economics, ESSECT, five semesters
Teaching Area
  • Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, International Business, Methodology of research, Economic Development, Money and Banking
  • Development Economics, External financial flows (FDI; remittances; Aid; portfolio flows; transnational credits), capital account openness, Dutch disease, post 2015 agenda (Sustainable Development Goals: Income Inequality and poverty reduction) Institution, financial development, financial inclusion
Conference Presentation
  • July 2017: African Youth Commission leadership retreat, Nairobi, Kenya December 2015: African Union Volunteers pre deployment orientation training, South Africa. June 2015: The Global Development Network's 16th Annual Global Development Conference on “Agriculture for sustainable Growth: Challenges and opportunities for a new “green revolution”, Morocco. March 2015: Round table “How to improve quality of research for young researchers in social sciences, Tunisia. December 2014: Training Workshop organized by the Economic Research Forum on writing effective policy briefs, Egypt. June 2014: GDN 15th annual conference: ‘Structural transformations in Africa and beyond, Ghana. Communication: Institutions, Financial Development and Remittance-Growth nexus in Africa. September 2013: The 4th GDRI DREEM Conference: ‘Evaluation des politiques économiques et des transformations institutionnelles dans les pays méditerranéens’, Italy. Communication: The effect of financial openness on growth in MENA region: Do Institutions and Financial Development matter? June 2013: GDN 14th annual Conference: ‘Inequality Social Protection Inclusive Growth’, Philippines. March 2013: Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, the 14th Mediterranean Research Meeting held, Turkey. Communication: Determinants of corruption, Evidence from south and Western Europe and MENA region January 2013: Training Workshop organized by the Economic Research Forum on Measurement of Inequality of Opportunity and Inequality of Outcomes, Egypt. January 2012: First international conference of University of Mostaganem, Algeria, January, 29-30, 2012. Communication: The impact of foreign flows on real effective exchange rate in Maghreb countries. June 2011: Tunisian Economist Association. Tunisia. Communication: The Impact of capital inflows on external competitiveness. Communication: Capital account openness, Institutions and economic growth; empirical evidence from MENA region. December 2010: The Second International Conference of GDRI DREEM: ‘Innovation and Economic Development in the Mediterranean Countries’, Egypt. Communication: Financial liberalization, Institutions and economic growth; empirical evidence from MENA region.
  • -June 2022: The annual conference on sustainable Finance, Accounting, Accountability and Governance. Istanbul, Turkey. Communication: Does the migration of the less-skilled help achieve SDG 10? -March 2022: The Annual Sociological Conference of the Westermarck Society, University of Jyväskylä. Finland. Communication: Empirical investigations of the African Experience of “the Narrow Corridor”
Memberships, Awards and Honors
  • 2015: GDN-ERF Essay competition. Award for essay about “le développement régional en Afrique du Nord et au Moyen Orient”. 2014: Foundation of the University of Auvergne. Grants for conference participation (€ 500) 2014: Grants for conference participation from Auvergne region. (€ 1500) 2015: French Institute in Tunisia. Scholarship for Scientific stay (€ 1000) 2012-2014: Ministry of higher education and scientific research in Tunisia: PhD. Scholarship (€ 9,000)