College Facilities:

1- Equipped Classes:

All classrooms are equipped with data-show, projectors and connected with the internet, some classes contain smart-boards to facilitate the learning process, and support the interactive teaching strategies.


College of Mass Communication is keen on the continuous development of its laboratories with the latest hardware and software needed by the students in all the college tracks. The College has two laboratories on the ground floor of the "J2" building: The first one is "Mac Lab" and the second is "Multimedia Lab".

 3- Studios:

The college is keen to provide a training environment that simulates the real work environment in the field, there are two studio types:

A- Digital Photography Studio:

A digital photography studio has been established for the students of graphic design in the college, through which students practice multiple photography experiences after informing them about the tools, techniques, and techniques of digital photography and its arts.


B- Radio and TV studios:

The College includes two studios for Radio and Television Production, with high-digital technology (HD), in order to train students in a real work environment that simulates the developments of the audio-visual media field. The studio located in "J2" building, and has an automatic fire extinguishing system, according to the requirements of the Civil Defense.

 4- Drawing Room:

The college is keen to provide graphic design students with all facilities they need, therefore a drawing-room was equipped, in which students are introduced to tools, materials, methods, and arts of painting, and trained in many practical exercises and simulation experiments for multiple forms with different materials, as well as allows them to recognize the relations between the elements, texture, shadow, and light, as well as design elements, composition, the concept of design solutions, the drawing of geometric elements, and the drawing of silent nature.

5- The Printing Center:

Ajman University was always keen to support the learning environment with all the necessary types of equipment, therefore the printing center was established and equipped with the latest technology.