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In line with the changing world that witnessed global knowledge production and intellectual exchange worldwide, and following Ajman University Strategic Plan and guidelines, the College of Mass Communication through its third decade continues to provide an effective academic environment that encourages innovation and creativity in a world which has no place except for excellent and qualified graduates who are ready to compete and face the rapid competitiveness in all aspects. Those huge and complex challenges double the responsibilities of all parties to improve the educational process; starting by students and continue to all the academic staff who are able to mobilize and motivate students' capabilities to the maximum and qualify them with a fundamental education that provides them with the latest skills for the twenty-one's century.

In this regard, the College succeeded in re-accredit its program after developing study plans in all concentrations, to begin with, a new spirit through three specializations that follow the new trends globally. The College program including “Integrated Marketing Communication, Graphic Design for Media, Radio and Television Production”, besides the college has also succeeded in offering a master’s program in “Public Relations and Corporate Communication” that opens horizons for the graduates to complete their post studies, and improve their research skills to achieve the sustainable development in UAE. And all these successful achievements led to the international accreditation to the College program from the “AQAS”, to be one of the few programs that effectively accredited in the Arab region. 

The College was always keen to serve the society effectively and continuously, through all the academic staff, and with the solid infrastructure equipped with the latest devices in the labor market, as the College has Radio and Television studios, laboratories with the latest programs, a Digital photography studio and a drawing Lab, and it has established a printing center to provides its services to students and university community, and the College always ambitious to achieve more in the near future to achieve Ajman University goals as a beacon of science and a favorite destination for students.

Dr. Hassam Salama
Dean's Message

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