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Summer Clinical Electives and Research Internships

Summer Clinical Electives and Research Internships are opportunities for students to develop personally and professionally in the discipline and domain of their interest. At Ajman University College of Medicine summer electives and research internships are embedded in the undergraduate program curriculum to provide students with opportunities to experience and work in different healthcare settings nationally or internationally, understand the connection between culture and medicine, and share their experiences with their peers to enhance collaborative learning.


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Summer Clinical Electives:

During these four to six weeks of elective training, students will be involved in all aspects of patient care, will spend time on the wards and clinics, and take part in the teaching/learning, and research activities at the host institute. Students are encouraged to be creative in their selection of clinical electives. They should choose discipline that would be complimentary to the specialty of major interest (i.e. for an interest in Orthopaedic Surgery, an experience in Radiology and/or Anaesthesia would provide excellent complimentary experience).

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AUCoM students at Yale School of Public Health - Summer 2022


Summer Research Internships:

During summer research internships, students have the opportunity to explore their research interests more deeply, fulltime over four to eight weeks at their chosen Institute. Students get paired up with a principal investigator or research mentor from the domain, specialty or project of their interest and in addition to lab work and experience with real world research projects, they get to interact and collaborate with renowned subject experts and many students even earn co-authorship or acknowledgment in articles submitted for professional publications.

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 AUCoM students at Malaya University for Research internship - Summer 2022


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Ajman University College of Medicine provides comprehensive summer clinical electives and short research internship opportunities to its students through its National and International partnerships and affiliations.


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