Eye-opening and Transformative, say Ajman University Students about Research Internship at Universiti of Malaya

Thursday, Sep 08, 2022
Eye-opening and Transformative, say Ajman University Students about Research Internship at Universiti of Malaya

A select few students from Ajman University, College of Medicine recently had the opportunity to undertake short-term research internships at the leading Malaysian university, Universiti of Malaya (QS #70). The internships were arranged by AU as part of its International Academic Exchange Program with partner universities abroad.

The participating students, Lujain Sami Othman Albozeyah and Yusor Amjed Mohammad Zahid Al-Nuaimy described their experience as ‘eye-opening and transformative.’

Lujain Sami Othman Albozeyah:

“I'm currently in the third year of my studies at Ajman University, College of Medicine. Over the summer, I visited the Universiti of Malaya for a month-long research internship. My experience there was both rich and varied, as I got the opportunity to work in clinical as well as lab settings.

In the lab, I worked with blood samples to check for RUNX1 gene mutations in multiple myeloma patients. In the clinical setting, I attended both in-patient rounds as well as outpatient clinics. I really enjoyed learning how to perform cell cultures and other lab techniques. Furthermore, attending clinical procedures like bone marrow aspirations was also interesting and highly insightful. 

I would like to thank our professor Dr. Erum Khan for introducing us to this opportunity, as well as helping us with the application and arrangement stages. The internship was challenging and yet highly fulfilling. Since, I was not staying away for a long period, I didn't exactly suffer from homesickness. But the first few days were still rough and I missed my family as well as the comfort of my own house. After the first week though, I quickly got used to my new routine and enjoyed the experience of traveling alone, as well as visiting the different landmarks.

The experience taught me a lot of different things, including in-depth insights on how hospitals are administered and run, and laboratory techniques. It also taught me to be more independent and boosted my confidence.”

Yusor Amjed Mohammad Zahid Al-Nuaimy:

“I'm a third-year medical student at Ajman University, College of Medicine. This summer, I took part in a Research Attachment program at Universiti Malaya (UM), Malaysia.

 Getting the chance to conduct research at another institution and gaining insight into a drastically different culture and environment was truly eye-opening and transformative. I was involved in numerous enriching experiences at UM. My most memorable experiences were when I got to learn the methodologies of conducting a comprehensive systematic review, learning about Deep Brain Stimulation and SEEG, as well as learning how to interpret MRI scans of glioma patients.

 Dr Erum Khan, chair of External Relations and International Collaborations Committee, introduced me to this research opportunity, communicated with the persons concerned in UM, and helped facilitate the whole application process.

 Although the thought of traveling alone to a new country seemed daunting at first, I quickly acclimated to the environment in Malaysia and found the experience to be pleasant overall. I don't think there were many cultural differences that were shocking, but it does take some time to get used to the changes and different working styles.”