Department of Interior Design

The Bachelor of Interior Design (BID) program at Ajman University started in 1999 as a four-year program. Its first batch of students graduated in 2003 in the same year of receiving the first eligible accreditation. The second batch of students in BID graduated in 2008 a year after the re-accreditation received in 2007. ID department has carried out minor/slight modifications requested by CAA, and the latest re-accreditation was approved in April 2013, and it was applied in September 2013 taking into consideration all requirements and improvements.

The BID program requires 134 Credit Hours for graduation. The total program credit hours includes four credit hours of practical training (Internship) in interior design organization (governmental or private). The remaining 130 Credit Hours (Cr. Hrs.) of coursework are distributed over eight full semesters. Therefore, students can only complete all the requirements for graduation in four years. For graduation, a student must have cumulative GPA of at least 2.0. After the completion of 4 years study, students are awarded a Bachelor in Interior Design.

The program is designed to develop and enhance artistic abilities as well as scientific engineering knowledge to graduate students capable to design, supervise, and implement any Interior Design project.

The program will prepare the students to provide services to the community keeping in view its interests and needs. It provides a strong foundation and helps the students to achieve their full potential. In addition, it develops a self-motive approach to perform work in a team and utilization of vision in the workplace.

Interior Design program, objectives and outcomes definitions have been stated according to the latest guidelines from Ministry of Education (CAA January 2011).