Riad Saraiji
  • Riad Saraiji

  • Dean
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Dr. Riad holds a Ph.D in Architectural Engineering from Pennsylvania State University. He has an extensive experience in academia in several universities in the US and the UAE, including University of Maryland, Pennsylvania State University, UAE University, and the British University in Dubai. Dr. Riad has also secured many large research grants from various international organizations, including NASA, National Science Foundation, NRF, Exxon Mobile, and Emirates Foundation. He was awarded 3 US patents, one of which is assigned to Carrier Refrigeration Inc. He has developed 2 software programs, and published over 24 scholarly publications. Dr. Riad has also designed major projects including hotels, office buildings, residences, stadiums, and roads. In addition to his academic experience, Dr. Riad has an extensive corporate experience both as an entrepreneur and executive. As Founder and CEO of Illumitech LLC, Virginia, USA, Dr. Riad raised over $700k of equity investment through private placement from angel investors and a venture capital company. He also served as Design Director of Shadows Lighting in Dubai and Urban lighting Engineer at Fairfax County in Virginia.

  • Ph.D. Architectural Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University, USA
Teaching Area
  • Sustainable Architecture, Lighting, Acoustics, Intelligent Buildings, Healthy Livings.
  • Illumination Engineering
  • Sustainable Architecture
  • Healthy Buildings
Memberships, Awards and Honors
  • International, US, Canadian, European patent Saraiji et al. US 7887207B2 Assignee: Carrier Corporation, USA, International publication number WO 2006/101874 A1
  • Lighting System Employing Bi-directional Optics for Illuminating Product Display Unit, Saraiji et al. (US 6,558,017 B1) European Patent 1321076. Assignee: Illumitech, LLC, USA
  • Modular Lighting System for a Display Unit, Saraiji, R. . United State Patent (US 6,179,434 B1). Assignee: Illumitech, LLC, USA
  • Dubai Award for Sustainable Transport for Best Academic Research, Roads and Transport Authority
  • GIS Award of Excellence, Fairfax County, Virginia, USA
  • Gordon Kissinger Graduate Fellowship, Pennsylvania State University