CAAD Students Award 2021-2022

Tuesday, Mar 01, 2022
CAAD Students Award 2021-2022

The College of Architecture, Art & Design (CAAD), Ajman University has established the CAAD Annual Students’ Award , which was launched in the previous academic year. The CAAD Student Award recognizes academic excellence, creative endeavor, and leadership demonstrated in the Architecture and Interior Design streams of the college.

The categories and the criteria for the CAAD Students’ Award 2021-2022 are as detailed below:

Student Leader of the Year

Jamal Osama Hamsho  

The Best Architectural Project   

Maha Ahmad  

The Best Interior Design Project     

Hamza Ahmed Shawkat Faris

The Best Interior Design Graduation Project

Jenna Adel Moh'd Rajab Ali Saif 

The Best Overall Student

Hebah Ahmad Fawaz Ibrahim

The Best Improved Performance

Areej Ibrahim Mohammed