DBA Virtual Orientation Session

Friday, Apr 30, 2021
DBA Virtual Orientation Session

College Of Business Administration (CBA) held a DBA Virtual Orientation Session for current CBA's MBA Students on 30/4/2021.     

Our MBA students were welcomed by the CBA’s Dean, Prof. Akinola Fadahunsi, who then has highlighted how our DBA program adds real value to candidates as it helps candidates who are seeking to develop their knowledge and career to a higher level.   

After that Prof. Tamer Elshandidy, the Director of the DBA Program, gave a talk that covered the differences between Ph.D. and DBA, introduced our DBA at Ajman University, and discussed in detail AU DBA’s program structure along with the two different tracks available to all of our students.     

As a part of this orientation, a current DBA student, Ms. Salwa Jamous, was invited to share her experience with very distinctive AU’s DBA program and how joining the program has helped her to boost her career.     

Lastly, candidates were invited to a Q&A session that was very engaging and candidates shared their questions and opinions that were fully addressed by the DBA Director and the CBA’s Dean.    

Overall, the session was well-perceived as it helped all participants in clarifying their thinking on many related aspects of commencing a DBA degree.