Ajman University College of Medicine Summer Clinical Electives and Research Internships Testimonials

Thursday, Oct 12, 2023
Ajman University College of Medicine Summer Clinical Electives and Research Internships Testimonials

Ajman University students embarked on a transformative journey this summer into their clinical electives and research internships. Students were able to immerse themselves in various programs with partner institutions.  

Guided by esteemed medical professionals, clinical elective students were able to witness real–world cases, diagnostic challenges, and treatment strategies. From bustling hospital wards to specialized clinics, they were able to experience the spectrum of medical care and patient well-being.

This invaluable experience hones clinical skills and fosters confidence, adaptability, and empathy that can profoundly shape a medical student's future.

The summer research internship opportunities allowed students to be involved in the research process, from formulating hypotheses to analyzing data and drawing conclusions. Through close mentorship, students were able to refine their critical thinking and problem-solving skills to make meaningful contributions to medical research this summer.

Clinical Electives

Queen Mary University NHS Hospital – UK

“I recently had the incredible opportunity to complete a six-week elective placement in the Surgery Department at the Royal London Hospital, facilitated by Queen Mary University of London. During this period, I gained invaluable exposure to inpatient care and outpatient clinics. What truly enriched my experience was the chance to observe and participate in surgeries across various theaters. In summary, my elective placement at the Royal London Hospital was an exceptional experience, and I'm profoundly grateful for the unwavering support and guidance of the clinical team at Ajman University!”

Kowthar Gholamhossein Forsat

“Doing my medical elective in the was one of the highlights of the 5th year. It gave me the opportunity to witness the healthcare system and be part of the team in a different country and culture which added to my experience, strengthened my skills, and boosted my confidence.”

 Hania Ismail Elhusseiny

“My six-week elective at the Royal London Hospital’s Medicine department was a transformative experience. I learned valuable medical skills, made lasting friendships, and gained insight into a different healthcare system. The dedicated doctors and commitment to teaching left a lasting impression on me. This opportunity greatly enriched my medical journey.”

Hassan Shirazi

East Kent Hospitals University - UK

“Upon reflecting on my summer clinical elective at East Kent Hospitals University’s Medicine department, I am grateful for how it significantly enhanced my clinical skills and deepened my passion for the field. The exposure to diverse cases and the patient-centered focus provided invaluable experience, reaffirming my dedication to excel in cardiology and deliver exceptional patient care.”

Essra Elameen

University of Tyler at Texas - USA

“An unforgettable experience, I had the privillage of being part of the internal medicine team in UT health East Texas for 6 weeks for my medical elective. I was honoured and lucky to learn from all the amazing attending physicians as well as getting enlightened about the US health care system . I will carry all these memories and experiences throughout my career.

Omar Shamia

Broomfield Hospital - UK

"I have successfully completed a 6-week clinical elective at Broomfield Hospital. I am deeply grateful to Professor Galil and the dedicated hospital faculty for their unwavering support and assistance throughout this enriching experience. This opportunity has truly allowed me to expand my knowledge and broaden my horizons."

Eiman Mohamed

“During my 6 –week elective at Broomfield Hospitals, I was able to acquire a great learning experience while gaining insight into different hospital systems and how they operate.”

Mesk Alhammadi

Research Internships

Karolinska Institute - Sweden


“Working in the lab with the Experimental Cancer Medicine research group at Karolinska Institute has been an enriching 4–week experience that paved the way for me to gain knowledge and skills, meet new people, and most importantly, explore new things.”

Ahmed Jalal Kanawati

Yale University - USA

“My summer at Yale University for the research internship program was an unforgettable experience. The intellectually stimulating environment, brilliant mentors, and the opportunity to collaborate with fellow researchers made it a transformative and inspiring journey.”

Muhammmad Farhan

“My summer research internship at Yale was an incredible experience filled with research and engaging medical rotations. It was not only educational but also immensely fun and personally fulfilling, leaving me with lasting memories and a strong sense of accomplishment and productivity.”

Dena Nashaat Hamza

"I am grateful that I got the chance to visit Yale school of public health. Although the experience was brief, experiencing the US healthcare system firsthand was both informative and interesting, and getting to meet so many people with such diverse backgrounds and versatility was truly inspiring"

Gadeer Hassan Fadil Al Shabout