Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm)

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Program Overview

Program Objectives

To prepare students for the practice of pharmacy by providing them with the scientific background, clinical and technical skills that they will need to successfully complete their program of study.

To provide an educational environment that enables students to acquire the behavior, and moral and ethical attitudes they will need to practice the profession competently and ethically.

Admission Requirements

Regular Admissions

To be enrolled in a BPharm program, a student should have the following:

1. A minimum High School Average of 85% for Advanced Track or equivalent or at least 80% in Standardized International Systems.

2. Passing the Admission Exam designed by the College of Pharmacy which includes the following basic science subjects: Chemistry, Biology, Physics. & Mathematics

3. Passing a personal interview and admission test sets by the College of Pharmacy.

4. Other university general admission requirements, please click here


 Enrollment and Graduation Data

  Academic Year
Students 2014-2015 2015-2016 2016-2017 2017-2018 2018-2019
Enrollment 88 97 106 99 96
Graduation 78 114 93 81 85
Personal interview

Demonstration of good conduct and maturity.

Please see the university admission requirements for more detail.

Career Opportunities

The curriculum is designed and continuously improved with the aim of preparing graduates to be able to effectively deliver pharmaceu­tical services in the private sector as well as in governmental agencies. Pharmacy graduates have the opportunity to work in different placements related to pharmacy profession:

  • Community pharmacies

  • Hospital pharmacies

  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • Pharmaceutical scientific laboratories

  • Wholesale drug stores

  • Medical representatives

  • Pharmaceutical administration

  • Food control and analysis

  • Pharmaceutical education and research

Graduation Requirements

The degree of Bachelor of Phar­macy (BPharm) will be awarded after successful completion of least one hundred and sixty credit hours (160 Credit Hours), including the university requirement cours­es. The period of study normally takes eight regular semesters and two-three summer semesters. In addition, every student should have field training in community pharmacies and hospital pharmacies of not less than 640 contact hours which is equivalent to 16 credit hours. The minimum cumu­lative grade point average (CGPA) for graduation is 2.0.