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Sabrina Ait Gacem

Assistant Instructor
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Sabrina Ait Gacem is a pharmacy teaching assistant in the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. She is a holder of a (Bachelor degree in Pharmacy) and a (Master degree in Clinical Pharmacy) and was ranked among top three students of the batch . Sabrina was recently awarded the "Teaching Assistant Excellence Award" On the university level as well as on the College level in the previous years. She is involved in different college committees and participated in several internal and external research competitions in which several awards were obtained.

  • Master Degree in Clinical Pharmacy, Ajman University, UAE, 2016
  • Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy, Ajman University, UAE, 2014
  • Teaching Assistant (Part-time), College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences, Ajman University, UAE.
  • Trainee Community Pharmacist, AL-Diaah Pharmacy,UAE, 2015
  • Trainee Clinical pharmacist, Sheikh Khalifa Hospital “Pediatric ward “, UAE, 2015
Teaching Area
  • Clinical Sciences
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Health education research and Physician prescribing pattern
  • Evaluation of drug utilization pattern
  • Pharmaceutical quality control
  • Gacem SA, Al-Shahwan MJ, Hassan NAGM, Djessas F. Assessment of knowledge and healthcare providers’ role in promoting lactation in United Arab Emirates. Int J Res Med Sci 2017; 5:1510-3. (Published)
  • Gacem SA, Al-Shahwan MJ, Hassan NAGM, Djessas F. Identifying the common reasons to wean among lactating mothers in United Arab Emirates. (Published))
  • Sabrina Ait Gacem and Moyad Jamal Shahwan (November 21st 2019). Vitamin D and Obesity [Online First], IntechOpen, DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.90181. Available from:
  • Mohammad Waseem Isam, Kawthar Al Shehhi, Sabrina Ait Gacem. Assessment of the Consumers’ Attitude towards Leftover and Expired Medications at Homes. Research J. Pharm. and Tech. 2019; 12(11): 5182-5188. DOI: 10.5958/0974-360X.2019.00897.7
  • Bloukh, S., Edis, Z., Waseemul Islam, M., Sabrina, Saeed, L. and Sultan, A. (2019). ASSESSMENT OF DEPRESSION STATUS AMONG ADOLESCENTS AND ADULTS IN UAE. International Research Journal of Pharmacy, 10(5), pp.23-26.
  • Shahwan, M., Sabrina and Zaidi, S. (2019). Prevalence of Diabetic Nephropathy and associated risk factors among type 2 diabetes mellitus patients in Ramallah, Palestine. Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome: Clinical Research & Reviews, 13(2), pp.1491-1496.
  • Sabrina , Tehami Z, Mazrouai M, Shamssain M. Prescribing Pattern of Gliclazide, Metformin and Combination Therapy with Insulin in UAE. J App Pharm Sci, 2018; 8(06): 175-177.
  • Shahwan, M. and Sabrina. (2018). Neuroprotective antioxidant effect of portulaca quadrifida linn. Leaves extract on immobilization stress-induced changes in rat’s brain. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research, 11(10), p.378.
  • Al-shahwan, M., Sabrina, Shamseddin, S. and Sammour, M. (2018). VITAMIN D IMPACT ON HUMAN HEALTH AND ITS RELATION WITH SEVERAL DISEASES. International Journal of Applied Pharmaceutics, 10(6), p.60.
Conference Presentation
  • Professional poster presented in a conference in Jordan, Jordan, 3/9/2017
  • Professional poster presented at Dubai International Pharmaceutical and Technologies Exhibition, UAE, 7/3/2017
  • Representing the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences - Ajman University in DUPHAT, for a “Professional Conference Presentation” Entitled: Assessment of health issues and maternal medication intake pattern among breastfeeding mothers in UAE, 7/3/2017
  • DUPHAT 2019. Qualitative analysis of hazardous benzocaine and lidocaine in pediatric teething products available in UAE and Egyptian markets and online sources, Alaa El Sayed, Mayar Mohamed, Samaa Fadda, Akram Ashames, Sabrina Ait Gacem.
  • DUPHAT 2019 Pharmaceutical quality control evaluation of metformin hydrochloride tablets including recently recalled products from UAE market. Alaa Ahmad, Alanoud Al-Attari, Huda Ahmad, Ruba Alnajjar, Akram Ashames, Sabrina Ait Gacem.
  • DUPHAT 2019 Assessment of Mefenamic Acid awareness level and NSAIDs self-medication Behaviour in UAE
  • DUPHAT 2019 Drug Health Privacy in the Digital Era and Assessment of Individuals’ Impression and Medication Adherence Behavior in UAE
  • Participated in ADPHAC 2019 Quantitative and qualitative analysis of hazardous benzocaine in pediatric teething products available in UAE, Egyptian markets and online sources. Akram Ashames, Sabrina Ait Gacem
Memberships, Awards and Honors
  • Appreciation for contribution in the year of giving 2017, Trophy award + Certificate , By university Vice – Chancellor & DOPHS, AU, May 2017
  • Top three students on master’s batch trophy award and certificate, by university Vice - Chancellor& DOPHS, AU, October 2016
  • Drug Design, Analysis and Delivery Research Group Committee, Member, COPHS
  • College Events Committee, Member, COPHS
  • CAA & ACPE Preparation Committee, Member, COPHS
  • Teaching Assistant Excellence Award (on the university level)
  • Outstanding Teaching Assistant, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences level
  • 6th Best Pharmacy Oral Presentation Award: DUPHAT 2019
  • “1st place” AU Research Day 2019
  • “2nd Place” AU Research Day 2019
  • “2nd Best Quality Poster award” DUPHAT 2019