College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Presented ‘Safe Summer’ Webinar

Wednesday, Apr 20, 2022
College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Presented  ‘Safe Summer’ Webinar

As a commitment of the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, towards the health education of AU students and community, an online event titled with Safe Summer was organized by the members of the Health and Wellness Club and the Athletics Unit of Ajman University. The students were educated about the benefits of water, weighing between the risky and safe sun and how to do safety rescue when someone is drowning. In addition to the official invitation on the AU website, emails and Instagram, an educational brochure has been designed and printed by the organizers for internal invitation in the college,

The event was supervised by Dr. Nihal Ibrahim and Dr. Hala Al-Obaidi and moderated by Salma Mahmoud, a fourth-year senior student in the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. She first presented other senior students Zubaidah Alkubaisi, Budoor Haytham and Zahraa Al Dulaimi who called the attention on  how crucial the sunblock use is, and when to be afraid from the sunblock not the sunlight. The second group of speakers were also senior students in college of pharmacy, Sna Ishak with her colleague Reem Ahmed, highlighted in detail the vitamin D deficiency.  The next slot was with the students Sarah Ibrahim and Rana Shokr, senior students in same previous field, spotted the lights on the secret of life, the water. Coach Manal AlKatalbi, the sports Activities Supervisor demonstrated a documentary on how to save someone drowning during swimming in a short video , the most common accident for every summer , for more than 80 attendees including staff and students across different colleges in the AU.


Ending the event by a scientific competition  to entertain the audience, The three winners were awarded with certificates and medals. The first-place winner was  Basmallah Mohammd who got awarded with the Golden medal, the second place winner Raghd Alaila who got the Silver medal and the bronze medal went to the third place winner Haneen Alkubaisi. Dr. Hala Al-Obaidi and the participated students were awarded appreciation certificates, while all of the attendee got a certificate for attending the webinar. Professor Nageeb Hassan, the Dean of College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, congratulated the winners, the participating students and their supervisors for the event, which confirms the commitment of the university in spreading the health awareness to the students and the community.