Ajman University Professor Achieves Significant Research Outputs as Visiting Faculty at The University of Auckland

Tuesday, Apr 26, 2022
Ajman University Professor Achieves Significant Research Outputs as Visiting Faculty at The University of Auckland

Dr. Nadir Kheir, Professor at Ajman University’s College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and Manager of AU’s SSC, was invited to be a visiting faculty at The University of Auckland, as part of our Outbound Faculty Exchange program. AU’s Outbound Faculty Exchange Program that counts leading global universities among our academic partners, facilitates research and knowledge exchange among leading academic practitioners across the world.

The University of Auckland is New Zealand’s top ranked university, as per QS World University Rankings 2022 (QSWUR 2022) and Times Higher Education Rankings 2022. It also ranks among the top 100 universities in the world, as per QSWUR 2022.

Dr. Nadir Kheir as Visiting Faculty at the University of Auckland’s School of Pharmacy, was involved in pathbreaking research across such topics of significance as microcredentials training, healthcare access for refugees, pharmacists’ qualification and registration standards across Commonwealth countries, and medicine access for Covid-19 patients.

Dr. Nadir collaborated with academics from other prominent universities including Monash University, Qatar University, The University of Auckland and University of Otago in these research studies, the findings of which have been submitted to reputed journals such as Advances in Health Sciences Education; International Journal of Pharmacy Practice; BMC Health Services Research; and Springer.com.

“In addition to these research outputs, Dr Kheir has explored future work that could occur between our institutions, including with our Academic Director Lynne Petersen, as well as David Woods who works on some Microcredentials offerings,” noted Dr. Darren Svirskis, Associate Professor and Director of Research at The University of Auckland, in a report on Dr. Nadir’s research outputs.

Commenting on his experience as a Visiting Faculty at The University of Auckland, Dr. Nadir said, “The Exchange Program allowed me to embark on a really productive and mutually beneficial academic endeavour. The few months that I spent in Auckland generated multiple publications and a strong partnership between my College and The University of Auckland.”