A Seminar on Culturally Competent Health Care

Sunday, Jan 29, 2023
A Seminar on Culturally Competent Health Care

The Student Success Center in Collaboration with the Coordinatorship of the MSc in Clinical Pharmacy invited MSc in Clinical Pharmacy students to: A Seminar on Culturally Competent Health Care


About the guest speaker:

Sarah Alakshar has a master’s degree in Clinical Pharmacy from Ajman University in UAE. Her interest in Mental health led her to pursue addictions and mental health Diploma. She is passionate about establishing a career in Academia and Research. Her research interest is about the Mental Health of disadvantaged populations. She joined the DEPtH Lab to apply her diverse expertise and skills as well as collaborate with disadvantaged communities. Sarah aims to obtain training in cutting-edge digital citizen science to inform the development of equitable digital health platforms. She is also a teaching assistant at Western University in in the faculty of health sciences courses such as fundamentals of communication in health, and health policy.



Cultural competence in health care delivery involves appreciating the cultural contexts of patients and responding to the needs of diverse populations of people with empathy, respect, and understanding. Healthcare providers need to collaborate effectively to address the health care needs of individuals from different ethnic backgrounds. This level of involvement and understanding improves health care experiences and outcomes. Dr. Al-Akshar provided a snapshot of her Doctorate research on aspects of culturally competent health delivered to patients from marginalized ethnic minorities.