Workshop on post graduate possibilities

Tuesday, May 09, 2023
Workshop on post graduate possibilities

Industry – Advisory Board - COPHS collaborations

In line with AU strategic plan of building a career-making, student-centric development journey and strengthening meaningful relationships with external communities, the COPHS organized a workshop on post graduate possibilities on Tuesday, May 9, 2023. During the workshop, the structure and flow of the MSc in Clinical Pharmacy program, the faucets for assistantship, and fee discount were explained. This was mainly directed to current fourth year students, last year’s graduates and previous alumni interested in post graduate education.

Additionally, Dr Mohammed AlKhodary, Advisory Board Member of the COPHS  and Mr Ali Al-Hashemy (Alumnus of the COPHS 2018) from Cigala Medpharm were invited to brief and interview interested candidates for a summer internship program with the company spanning from Middle of May to end of August.

This mainly directed to new and fresh graduates. The company collected CV’s of interested candidates and will screen them first, and then will call candidates for interviews after which there will be selection of five to join the summer internship. After the internship, the company will consider possibility of full-time employment.