Department of Languages and Culture


Welcome to the Department of Languages and Culture, at Ajman University! In today's changing landscape of education, it is crucial to acquire foreign languages and develop an understanding of different cultures. This ensures that universities remain globally relevant. At our department, we understand the importance of diversity and cultural appreciation in curricula. We offer a range of language programs, including English, French, Arabic and Islamic studies.

 At Ajman University we are committed to providing language and cultural education across all our programs. As part of the esteemed College of Humanities and Sciences, we have created an environment that upholds standards. Our faculty members come from backgrounds bringing their expertise to tailor language education and studies according to the unique requirements of our programs. Through this approach, we equip our students with knowledge as well as valuable insights into different cultures.

 Join us at the Department of Languages and Culture, at Ajman University for an enriching experience that prepares you for a world!

 Our Mission

The goal of the Department of Languages and Culture is to provide support to all programs offered by AU. We aim to help students effectively communicate in languages, like English, French and Arabic while also engaging in Islamic and literary studies. Our objective is to create an environment led by faculty known for their expertise and dedication. Ultimately, our goal is to cultivate individuals who are deeply attuned to and appreciative of diverse languages, literatures and cultures.

  Our Vision

The Department of Languages and Culture aspires to be a beacon of excellence at AU. We envision a future where employers actively seek out AU graduates, for their skills, cultural understanding and appreciation. In this vision linguistic diversity and cultural insight take center stage ensuring that AU graduates shine as cultural ambassadors in our diverse world.


1. Develop Strong Language Skills; Our main priority is to equip students, with language proficiency in English, French and Arabic. We aim for our graduates to effectively communicate both orally and in writing in these languages.

 2. Foster Cultural Appreciation; We strive to cultivate an understanding and appreciation of cultures and literatures among our students. Our courses explore studies, world literature, Arabic literature well as Islamic culture and civilization enabling students to gain insights into diverse perspectives and cultures.

 3. Prepare Globally Aware Individuals; Our department aims to prepare students to become citizens who are culturally sensitive and adaptable. We want our graduates to thrive and make contributions to global society.

 4. Encourage Critical Thinking; We aim to nurture thinking skills in our students through the analysis of literature, cultural studies and language exploration. In so doing, we encourage them to think and engage in meaningful discussions about complex subjects.

 5. Support Career Readiness; Our goal is to equip our graduates with the cultural competencies that employers highly value, thereby preparing them for success in the job market. Enhancing their employability and career prospects is a focus, for us.

 6. Promote Research and Academic Excellence; The department is fully dedicated, to supporting and advancing research and academic exploration in the areas of language, literature and culture. We strongly encourage both faculty members and students to participate in research and contribute to the ever-growing body of knowledge within these fields.

 7. Elevate Teaching Excellence; Our utmost priority is to enhance the quality of our teaching practices. This involves implementing teaching methods staying abreast of the developments in pedagogy and consistently evaluating and improving our curriculum.

 8. Embrace Diversity; We wholeheartedly celebrate diversity within our department. Strive to create a welcoming learning environment. We actively encourage students from different backgrounds to explore, appreciate and engage with languages and cultures.

 9. Foster International Collaborations; Our aim is to establish collaborations with institutions worldwide fostering cultural exchanges that provide valuable opportunities for both our students and faculty members.

 10. Adaptation for Changing Needs; As a department, we are committed to adapting our offerings in response, to evolving needs. We continually assess the relevance and value of our courses ensuring they remain pertinent in a changing world.

 These objectives demonstrate our dedication to offering a rounded education that extends beyond learning a language. We prioritize fostering understanding, critical thinking skills and a sense of responsibility. Our aim is to equip our students with the ability to succeed in a interconnected society.