Department of Mathematics and Sciences

The Department of Mathematics and Sciences shoulders the responsibility of teaching all courses of Mathematics, Statistics and Applied Sciences at different colleges of the university. In addition, the Department is charge of teaching all courses of Math and Science of the Bachelor of Education in Teacher Training Program in Mathematics and Science. This Program is accredited by the Ministry of Education.

Department Mission

To achieve excellence in the education and to fulfill the vision of the department, the mission of the department is-

  1. To prepare our students for their successful career based on strong moral and ethical foundation.
  2. To support studdents of different programs by making them understand the basic concepts of Mathematics and Science to develop their intellectual perspectives of the world.
  3. To create a healthy workplace environment to improve productivity. 

Department Vision

  1. To enable students to develop their own abilities, talents and discover their own aptitiudes to achieve their full potential.
  2. To provide the students with strong foundation through basic courses and enhancec their knowledge in areas of technical field, personality development and competitive abilities.


  1. Promote research and foster scientific temper.
  2. Make science more apporachable and practical.
  3. Support other sciencentific outreach programs and different organizations.
  4. Develop and redesign curriculum to present science not as isolated entity but as an integral part of engineering, technology and medical disciplines.