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Welcome to the college of Humanities and Sciences.

I am proud to say that we are a part of every student’s experience at AU, whether you are enrolled in one of our College programs or you are enrolled in another of AU’s programs. 

The humanities and sciences are the core of the curriculum for higher education, as well as the foundation of undergraduate study. It inspires creativity, curiosity, and innovation in our students, while providing a broad understanding of cultures, context, and the social construction of knowledge, as the humanities deal with issues in human values, ethics, human relations in psychological, social and cultural dimensions, language, while in sciences disciplines our students are enriched by a curriculum that is grounded in critical thinking, scientific inquiry, data analysis, and creativity. Moreover, the curriculum offers specialized knowledge and training in the upper divisions that prepare students for graduate work and professional life.

As the bedrock of the General Education Program, the College of Humanities and Sciences offers a curriculum that is aimed at developing the students’ knowledge of the socio-historical and linguistic bases of culture, as well as offering an invitation to cultivate the aesthetic and ethical values that contribute to the richness of one’s life.

With more than 1,000 students and 65 faculty members, CHS is the largest of the nine Colleges which make up the University, distinguished by a rich tradition, commitment to heritage and innovation and a dedication to serve our community and the nation. It comprises 6 academic departments. and offers five Bachelor’s degree programs and two postgraduate programs.

Join our journey of intellectual pursuits and enjoy your life as a student in the Humanities and Sciences. Together we will create a new chapter in life.

Prof. Shaher Momani

Dean, College of Humanities & Sciences

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