About the College: The College of Humanities and Sciences has been created as part of the recent restructuring process of Ajman University colleges. It is the result of the merger of the College of Education, the Department of Psychology, the Department of Sociology and the General Studies Unit. Conjointly, the entities that make up the new College have graduated more than 14,000 students, contributing to the emergence of a national expertise for the country's economic and social development. The creation of the College corresponds to the imperatives of coherence, structural efficiency and the repair of recurring dysfunctions that could have compromised the future of the University. The College of Humanities and Sciences shall legitimately build on the major achievements of the previous entities of which it is the heir, in particular their central role in entrenching the traditional, cultural and moral values of the nation in a spirit of tolerance and openness to modernity.

The College of Humanities and Sciences offers a high-quality education that is rooted in a humanistic tradition of multidisciplinary learning combining science, technology, languages and liberal arts. As part of a leading university, the college is a national pioneer in enhancing the best practices of higher education and carries out this tradition through its work. The college programs help students gain both high-level education and practical experience for their real world.

Mission: Consistent with the Ajman University mission, the College of Humanities and Sciences is established to train responsible and highly qualified graduates to participate in the nation building process, to promote research in relevant fields of specialization, and to provide community service through various activities and specialized consultancies.

Vision: To be the AU's most inspiring academic entity with distinctive characteristics in terms of work ethics, quality and impact of education offered.